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Ex blocked me after abortion but now unblocked me - why?

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Hi folks


I need your thoughts on why my ex is acting the way he is. Basically we broke up 3 weeks ago, the day after I found out I was pregnant. He offered me support but I just didn't feel comfortable taking it at that point, so he ended the conversation by asking me to let him know when I'd had the abortion. Which I agreed to do.


A week or so later (1 day after the abortion), I got in touch and let him know it was done and good luck with the future. It took him a day to respond. He said thanks for letting him know but the rest of the text was an angry rant about 'spare him' the good luck for the future wish etc and how he didn't deserve sarcastic comments like that! It wasn't intended as sarcastic but ok! He didn't ask me how I was or how the abortion went, it was a completely narcissistic text. He then instantly blocked me on whatsapp. I was shocked by his reaction, and furious with his constant need to always have the last word so I sent him a text saying how he hadn't even asked if I was ok, he'd treated me badly in his reaction etc.


He then replied (a day later again) telling me he never believed I was pregnant in the first place and gave me a complete character assassination. This coming from someone who a month before had asked me to move in with them and told me he loved me. Why would you do that with someone you believe capable of lying about being pregnant, and who is so 'manipulative'? He accused me of wanting him to grovel - don't even know what he meant by that - but that was so far off the mark it's untrue. He then blocked me on everything, not giving me a chance to defend myself. I texted him a picture of proof of the abortion but I don't think it went through. This was a week ago.


I was so angry at his behaviour I blocked him on everything to stop any more abusive messages, but I'm finding the no contact difficult. I have no wish to contact him whatsoever but the not knowing of whether he was trying to get in touch to apologise was bothering me (he probably wasn't!). I went to unblock him yesterday and found he'd already unblocked me on WhatsApp.


My question is, why would he do this? He hasn't been in touch and he ought to know I've unblocked him as my picture will now be visible again. But why would someone go from being so angry and blocking me to have the last word and depriving me of a chance to defend myself against some pretty outrageous accusations, to unblocking me? I know people might ask me why I care but this isn't a normal break-up for me. Again, to stress, there's no way I'll be messaging him but I'm curious.


Help please! Jas xx

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Thanks for the replies guys. He is pro-abortion and I don't think it's the first time he's been through this, although I don't know that for sure. He's hinted that to me in the past but I never felt it was my business to know.


We broke up for several reasons - mainly that he was looking to move cities soon. It was inevitable we were going to end up splitting but he ended it. And the picture I sent perhaps didn't prove the abortion had taken place but it was a copy of my appointment letter explaining I'd had my pre-assessment, my appointment time and date and what was going to happen. But like I say, I'm really not sure if he even saw that - I think I was already blocked.

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