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I used to have FB but disabled as (1) my account was hacked into (I am fairly certain by a previous BF whom I rejected), and (2) caused more problems than it was worth.


Not much into other forms of social media, but for some reason have this sudden urge to join Twitter!


I feel like posting stuff like "having a great day doing nothing but hanging out in my jammies, watching old movies and posting crap on advice forums." And other mindless "tweets."


I am wondering what's going on with me and why I have this sudden urge to do this!


Can anyone relate? Any other "tweeters" out there?


I think I'm bored and need some excitement in my life to combat this!


I am dating a new guy; he's not "the one" but it's fun.


I think I need more, but what?


Maybe join a theatre group or something.


I am probably overthinking, but thought I'd get others' take on it.



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Twitter is more trouble than it's worth, honestly. I have FB, Twitter, IG, but that's just to maintain friendships. I only post stuff when I have exciting things going on in my life, to keep everyone updated. It's more about personal branding and maintaining connections.


I used to be a regular user and would get sucked in - now since I started keeping it at arm's length, I feel a lot happier more of the time.

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