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Saw my ex after 3 months of NC


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Last saturday I was in mcdonalds and when I was about to go to the bathroom my ex showed up. She saw me but we didn't say anything. I went to the bathroom and when a returned, she went to the bathroom and then leave. Before that she was looking to the table I was with my friends.

Later I went to a party and I saw her again, she saw me too. I noticed that all her friends started making a circle around her, I suppose she was sad/crying and she left.

She was the one who dumped me, our relationship of 2 years came to a point of barely talking, i became distant and she was the one who always said that she wouldn't give up.

One day she broke up with me via text. I begged for a talk in person 2 weeks later but she said no, she said she was happier alone and i needed so move on with my life. This was 3 months ago. We didn't talk after that.

Now, after she saw me, she started posting sad things on her twitter, like "when you realize the things weren't that simple" or "you really need to ask yourself if you're really ok"

Before she saw me and after de break up she never posted anything that showed that she was sad. Not even once. She always posted happy pictures of herself, with friends. Like she was having the time of her life, when I was very sad.

I removed her from every social media.

I don't understand this attitude now. Regrets?

Is she trying to catch my attencion?

Did she realized she made a mistake after seeing me?

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I thought you removed her from social media????



If she wants to be with you, she will reach out, not post on Twitter.


Do you really want to reunite with someone who dumped you by text - zero courtesy after two years - and refused to give you an explanation? I think you can do better.

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