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Anxiety about my boyfriend cheating on me while on vacation!

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OP, this is truly insane and dangerous.


You have no idea where he's sticking Mr. Happy when you're not around, and based on what you've written, you do need to be worried he will cheat again. I hate to say it, but he's probably doing it right now while he's off partying with a bunch of girls. Why wouldn't he? He's not in love with you, and you've showed him you're not going anywhere. There is no incentive for him not to sleep with others. You say he's hurting? BS. No, he's not. He's manipulative, though. Big difference.


And dear me, girl, you understand that getting tested does squat to prevent STIs and HIV transmission, right? Sure, some can be treated and cured. But certainly not all. The point is that it will be way too late by the time a positive test result comes back for HPV, herpes, HIV and several others. Don't be this careless and foolish with your health. You don't get a do-over. And he won't be sticking around to help you through a positive diagnosis, I guarantee it.


I would also advise you to consider counselling. Your self-esteem is non-existent and I have a feeling you'll hang on to this little punk (and he is a little punk, why do you think most girls will only sleep with him but not date him?) until he leaves you. I fear how badly you will handle that. He's not The One. Sooner or later, he will make his exit. Beat him to the punch and get your dignity back.

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That's not your problem. Your problem is staying safe from stds and pregnancy with this player. You are not a hooker, even though he treats you like one.

It's like impossible for us to have sex if he wears a condom. If I refuse sex because of not using a condom, it will stir up a whole fight
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"I also hate the double standard he sets with me, how I can't drink, go to parties, or clubs, etc. or else he would "break up with me" are his words. And he told me he doesn't want me having any friends at all because he says it makes him jealous. He gets angry and upset if I hangout with 2 of my only friends so I hadn't seen them in months because of it."


In addition to his "cheating on everything girlfriend he ever dated", you have the above statement. Both are running neck and neck with regards to how troubling they are. He is controlling you, and you are abandoning your friends. He is partying til 4am with his sister's BFF's and you are sitting home doing his bidding - which is having no social life because he said so.


The red flags are flying off the flag poles. You can control your destiny. Don't let someone else do it for you.

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