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I love him, but...

Him and I

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I trully like him, I have real strong feelings for him, I did since day one, and surely I don't want to lose him. AT ALL!

He is all I want, and think of. Since I met him, I could no longer think of someone else beside him, despite his flaws.

We have been together for three years now.

I am, however, physically NOT CONNECTED. In other words, I feel nothing when there is a physical contact.

And of course, I couldn't tell him, cause he looked like he is enjoying it so bad, so I didn't want to ruin it.


HELP! What am I supose to do? Why can't I feel anything?

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You describe your feelings for him in very dramatic terms as if you're trying to convince yourself that if he is "all you want" and you can't think of anyone else besides him since "day one" then surely it must be ok not to be sexually attracted to him/enjoy physical contact. Did you ever enjoy being sexual with him? Kissing him or holding hands?


It's not that you "can't" feel anything -perhaps you've idealized him and put him on a pedestal but when it comes down to the real him, in the flesh, he doesn't do it for you. Did he ever?

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Are you attracted to him or do you have a low libido, poor sexual experience with no climax etc.? Is he inexperienced? Has this happened with others or is this your first bf?


This is pretty much my first time ever (no sex, just stuff)... He, on the other hand, had many sexual experiences! so the problem is pretty much in me

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Are you on any medication? This can wreck your libido. Certain contraceptives in particular.


If you're in love with somebody you're not pysically attracted to the excitement should grow over time. If he's not exciting you and you're inexperienced you should casually mention that you would like to explore different things to find out what you enjoy.


He's probably just doing his usual routine so if that isn't floating your boat, find out what does.


Have you ever orgasmed? Solo or with a partner?

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Stop doing all this. You are not enjoying anything, what's the point? Are you using protection? Don't just give bjs and have sex to keep guys.


It sounds like you are both inexperienced and you don't know how to climax and he doesn't know what he's doing so all you do is give bjs?

This is our first time doing such a thing.... He did good only I didnt feel anything, I was more like trying to please him, that's all
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Well, normally, u get butterflies whn kissing someone and stuff like tha... I ddin't feel any, like nothing! I was kisssing him and touching him back for his own pleasure...

The feeling you describe (butterflies) are typical in the early infatuation stage, not 3 years in.

Those feeling are replaced with a deep secure, comfortable feeling.

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