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  1. Congratulations!!!! Lovely, lovely, lovely, all around!
  2. Perhaps look into bodyweight exercises, as well as the above excellent advice. Best of luck!
  3. I think reinventmyself makes a good point and I agree with her assessment that you can't go wrong, either way. Good luck and have fun! Is there anything like an indoor botanical garden or something similar that you might all check out? Any sort of outing that allows for the lot of you to focus on another activity as everyone mingles and chats, for instance? Places like that often have a cafe or the like attached, so you might still have the opportunity to get some food together. Again, best of luck. :)
  4. How's your vitamin D intake? I realize it's the first day of spring (Yay!) but the light is still pretty weak, here, for example. Always rooting for you, thornz!
  5. Yes and congratulations in advance! (I know you're not looking for kudos, but I'm happy for you guys - that's absolutely worth celebrating in a unique way!)
  6. Please clarify - have you two met in person, yet? My apologies if this answer is clear - I did look at the other thread, as well, but may be exceptionally fuzzy-brained at the moment.
  7. She said she was flattered, she did not say she was interested. I'm not sure what she's done to inflame you, here. You're going to 'explode inside?' What exactly does that mean?
  8. Here's my concern as to your 'difficulty' - how special will your day really be after you choose to hurt your sister and her partner to maximize the 'you-ness' of your reception?
  9. Ah, roger that. Return her money, right? A small thing but perhaps not to her.
  10. She said that about the money or the gift? Not a big deal, was just curious.
  11. Not following this question - please clarify.
  12. I'm not following the thinking here, either. Why not take her at her word and allow her this comfort level/pace?
  13. Wonderful news! Thinking of you all and wishing her a swift and gentle recovery. We're rooting for her!
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