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Gifts for 10-12yold girls


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I'm a 21yold male and i work a lot and have very little time for my niece.

She was 7 at the time when i was free but now at 10 turning 11 and me working, we not spending time.


Christmas is near and i'm not sure what to get her.

I'am on holidays now so i would like to do something speacial or buy a nice gift for the times i lost contact.

She is my princess.


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Not sure about the make up and all that...

I didn't mention it but she has make up and bags etc... the problem is she wants to become a model.

For now i want to steer her away from the modeling world until older.

Few days ago i had to go get some stuff from the shops and she was at mine for a sleepover, so i told her she can come with me and while

walking through the shops, she would go to the older age group clothing example: Tight short shorts that show more butt or low cut tops and even short skirts...


So that's why i'd stay away from that fashion side at the moment.

M.L.D thanks yeah i'am trying to think what other thing to get her to unwrap i'm just stuck.. but she does sort of like the zoo or going out for long drives to somewhere etc.. and maybe get her to experience something cool and fun.

I'll think of something but hard to as she is stubborn at times and if it don't go her way then she really get going.

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