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  1. Two nurse friends who failed the exam the first time. Wildly successful. One got an MS in some kind of specialty and an MBA — she runs a rehab hospital. The other got a masters and is a nurse anesthetist. It’s just a bump.
  2. Why on earth do you want to make this work? Do you really think it is good for your child to have such a useless person around who is making you miserable? And to see you just taking it? This is unhealthy in every way and is bad for your child as well, do not kid yourself. Get out, now. He offers you nothing positive. Get yourself some help to figure out why you have stayed this long and to make yourself stronger before you get into another stupid situation. Focus yourself, your life, your happiness and your child. Walk away from this cretin, the only thing you are gaining from staying is more
  3. "I don't fully agree with this. You can be fully living life and be loving life, however if your not attractive they will not be drawn to you." How would you know as you have clearly never really enjoyed life. My husband has a VERY close friend who is nothing to look at. But he enjoys his life -- riding motorcycles, cooking, having a close group of friends and his job -- and just exudes fun and self confidence. He landed himself a very high-quality wife. He is nice to be around and that is what she was looking for. I know you think therapy is all about sighing and pity parties (and
  4. Is OP actually looking for a serious relationship? I think from his description of what he is looking for he is looking to enjoy himself in a more lighthearted way for a while.
  5. Wow, so if the relationship doesn't work out he is free and clear and has no financial responsibilities for children he made because you "don't like child support." So you are the only real parent, the only one who has to be there for everything, and him, well, he doesn't have to do anything if things don't work out. There is nothing there I understand. He knew exactly what he was doing when he said what he said, do not kid yourself. He is not being nice to you and you clearly have self esteem problems because you have been putting up with crappy behavior for years. And I see that since
  6. It seems he is someone who is going to want to come back because you have moved on and are prepared to date others -- he would prefer that you sit at home and pine for him so he can have you at his disposal whenever the fancy strikes him. Please stop interacting with this guy, it is slowing your recovery and independence. You can definitely do better. Also, I love the fact that he thinks you should be able to tell that he loves you because he broke up with and treated you with indifference. So obvious -- this is how he treats people he loves. Do you really want to be treated that way?
  7. La Hermes, I agree that age should not be a problem. However, feeling that the man MUST be older is appalling for all reasons stated above.
  8. No, because it never happened accompanied by actual writing and oration on the need for women to keep men in line for the sake of society and country. Women marrying men younger than they are is not something enured into Western society in a way that makes not doing so odd.
  9. Yes, society has messed with your head and the notion that the man has to be older is extremely patriarchal — in different societies at different times the view was that women needed an authority figure in their lives to keep them in line. It’s appalling. I have to tell you that most of my female friends who have been in long-lasting relationships are actually married to younger men, from 13 months to seven years. I am not, my husband is 19 days older than I am and thank heavens! Or I would never have brought myself to date him 😉 What is far more important in dating is compatibi
  10. A peace officer is a police officer. Their job is to “keep the peace.”
  11. The notion that you can "just adopt" if you can't have your children biologically is incredibly flawed. I had one child after a LOT of fertility treatments and we tried and failed to adopt for several years. It's not simple and it is not inexpensive, even when the adoption does not happen. However, I would agree with everyone who says that only have children if you want them, truly want them. They can be a lot of work and aggravation. I am very happy I had my daughter, but I have friends who are child free by choice for a LOT of different reasons and they are all perfectly happy. I was a
  12. I actually just did this with my daughter — she wanted a stand-alone art school at a university so that she could take some other classes and meet other kinds of students but still have the full art school experience. Your choices are good. Also check out Arizona State — huge $$ infusion into the art school, which now has spectacular facilities, Texas at Austin also has a very good art school, and look into the Brown/RISD program — HIGHLY selective but interesting. Also, take a look at Cooper Union in New York — excellent small skill exclusively for art, engineering and architecture.
  13. https://www.thehotline.org
  14. You need a different therapist. This one isn’t listening. You need to shop for therapists as you do for any other kind of help — you don’t just take the first one because they are there — you find one who makes you feel heard and can help you work toward personal and emotional goals.
  15. There is a Dennis Miller quote that might help you, especially considering that you don't really like your husband's family at all: "I realized I had a problem when it bothered me that people I hated didn't like me." WHO CARES if they don't like you? This is part of their manipulation to get people to do their will.
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