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I really need help


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So me and my childhood best friend we started to get all lovey-dovey And then we stopped talking out of no where when school ended for the year 3 months later we have some classes together and I tried to her but she was angry at me and I asked her why and she told me it was because I haven't talk to her three months and now she says that we lost her chance and she starting to talk to someone else and it really hurts me because I feel like she was the perfect girl and I look back to see how good our relationship and friendship was and I just miss it is there anyway I can fix it?

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and when she texted me with her new number I don't know it just felt weird not talking for a while


- I understand.... and now she feels weird. Not much you can do? If you don't talk to them for awhile, they tend to loose that lovin' feeling. Maybe the next girl's phone won't break over the summer.

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During the 6 weeks her phone was broken, I'm sure she had access to e-mail, a landline, Facebook, the use of another person's phone. She didn't care enough to contact you. Maybe she's now turning the guilt on you so she's not the bad guy. True friends can be upset with each other and then get over it, hash things out, etc. Sometimes friendships end because one person decides you're not a priority anymore. Looks like it's time to move on yourself and make new friends.

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Dude you blew it and now need to apologize to her for not talking to her for all that time.


Tell her this is the first time you have ever felt this way about a girl and you really didn't know what you were doing and totally screwed everything up. Tell her you are really sorry and would like to try again.


Then it is in her hands.



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