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First time living alone


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So for the first time in my entire life (I just turned 38), I am living alone - well, have been for about 3 months now. Up until this point, I've always had family, or roommates, or a SO that I was living with. Now it's just me and the cats LOL (no, not the crazy cat lady, I'm keeping below that cut off LOL).


It's been an unusual adjustment, at times I've felt lonely, but then I started getting back into the things I had previously given up to make time for my last BF (who I eventually had to kick out) like reading (I love books!), playing some of my video games that have been collecting dust, hanging out with friends, actually cooking meals I enjoy eating...stuff like that. Once I made doing those things a bit of a priority again, I am finding that the lonely part went away very quickly. Since I still work 3 jobs, and still am racing and riding the motorcycles those few things were enough to fill those moments when I was finding myself wallowing. Still need to fit going to the gym back into my schedule, I've been horrible about that lately since I was riding enough to make up for it, but that won't be the case so much this next month!


Just wanted to share - it's been an interesting transition. I'm glad I'm experiencing this, and having the chance to really just do things my way!

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Love living with my girlfriend, but man do I miss being able to just leave a trail of pants in the hallway. Enjoy the experience for me!


Hahaha, I'm pretty neat, the last BF leaving his stuff where he set it down drove me mildly nuts LOL! So I'm just enjoying not picking up after someone else and/or bugging them and/or being annoyed by it LOL!

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