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I think i have OCD, I obsess about many thinks but one thing i especially rant and rave about is when i see something gross i freak out and start to itch and cant stop the whole day, like when i see hives, i cant stop and it makes me so desperate cause i dont want to but i cant control it, it feels like i have scabies and i know i dont. I also freak out about my clothes, if i have a pen mark on my shirt, i feel like something horrible will happen to me and have to change the shirt right away. When I have pimple they NEED to be popped cause i feel like i can not have them on my face or anywhere else on my body (im aware that its bad for the skin). Even the smallest bump might set me off. I also get really anxious or nervous sometimes over nothing. I try to tell my mom but she just makes a joke about everything which pisses me off, she says your room is not clean you cant have ocd, she doesnt understand that ocd is more than cleaning all the time, it could also be obsessions or compulsive disorders towards different things. shes most likely not gunna take me to the doctor cause she doesnt even take me when im sick so thats not an option. Please Help! im 16 and these behaviors are really starting to bother me, even my friends think its annoying but they dont understand why i do it, i dont even understand why i do it.

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OCD relates to specific things as you said.

I am sure I have OCD.

If I see a a few bugs of the same type in my room I start to itch.


My Mother used to flick light switches a certain amount of times before actually turning them off

Also had an obsession with turning water faucet on and off as well.


I knew someone who had to touch things a certain amount of times.

She was not happy with what she did and it embarrassed her when she felt she HAD to do it while people were around.


I think anti-depressants gt prescribed for these kind of issues but I'm not sure.

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I have the pimple one. Even if it's underneath my skin as soon as I see it, I have to pop it, even if it makes a sore on my face. I have the none cleaning OCD, certain objects I can't deal with - I have square objects to the point I try my up most best not to get anything square - and I'm righthanded so anything I do has to be right dominated. If it's to the left I have to switch it.

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