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Is short hair a turnoff for guys?

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I wonder about that. This weekend, I cut my hair really short. Actually it is a pixie type cut that looks ok on me. I worried about chopping off my hair but when my hair gets long, it gets scraggy.


I went swimming this afternoon and ran into cute swim coach and he made a comment about me cutting my hair.


Not sure if short hair is a turn off for guys. BTW, for those of you who friended me on FB, I posted a pic of how I look with my new haircut.

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I've had hair ranging in length from pixie cuts to half-way down my back on and off for the past 7 or so years. Out of my closest guy friends its about a 50-50 split as to what they prefer. I'm guessing that it has less to do with a general preference for long or short hair and more an individual thing ie. how the girl in question looks with short/long hair and how comfortable and happy they are with it. The better question is are you comfortable with shorter hair or do you prefer longer?

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I think like anything every man has a preference. I'm a girl and on myself I love long hair. I like some short hair styles and I've had short hair when I was around 18 or 19, but I know if I cut it short now I'd regret it. Ren, I want to see your cut!

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It would depend on the girl, short hair might suit some girls better than long hair would. I've had mine super long and super short and I've gotten lots more male attention with short hair, but I don't think it's really about the short hair but the whole look and how it suits the person.

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