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  1. I got it done over 10 years ago. Definitely money well spent. From time to time my eyes still gets dry, but its a small price to pay not having to wear glasses or contacts. The procedure took less than 10 minutes with minimal pain, and I saw better within the next day. I haven't checked my vision lately, but I would assume it is still close to 20/20 vision. I would highly recommend it.
  2. Honestly, I would leave him if I were you. Right after you said your vows, he made a move on your best friend? Can you imagine what life would be years down the road? If he could do that to your best friend, what makes you think he wouldn't do it again with someone else? Major red flags! As for your friend, you can drop her too.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's the Holidays right now, so perhaps they are not doing interviews until after New Year. Just give it some time and hope for the best. Good luck!
  4. Is there an opportunity for you to advance in your company? In my early 20's, I started as a temp in an advertising industry. I managed to get hired and moved onto Accounting and then eventually to Purchasing. See if you can learn new things, even if it's on your off time so you can gain more knowledge from within.
  5. Honestly, it's one thing moving to another state - it's another when you're asking them to move to another country. He may not be willing to leave everything behind. It's a different culture that he may not be able to adjust to. To each its own.
  6. Sorry that you are going through this right now, but I think you really dodged a bullet with this one. If it wasn't this woman, it would probably be someone else. You need to reach out to him and ask him for the car back. Maybe it's best that you remove him from your cell phone plan as well, as you need to go no contact with him. Stop blaming yourself for not being supportive enough. You've been more than supportive throughout your 5 year relationship. While he was struggling, you've been helping him every step of the way. The moment he gets himself situated, this is the thanks you g
  7. I agree with breaking things off. If you've been with him for 7 years and he still doesn't know whether or not he wants to settle down with you, then it's clearly a problem. It's one thing if you are both fine with not being married. However, from what I gather you are looking for marriage. Do you really want to waste another 7 years with someone who is unsure about their future with you?
  8. I'm 5'5" and my husband is a little over 5'6".
  9. My fiance doesn't have facebook, and I don't either. We're actually perfectly fine without it.
  10. It's very possible that a relationship can work, but both parties would have to be on the same page. I met my partner when I was 25 and he was 36. We've been together for 6+ years. My friends didn't think it would work out due to the age difference, but we have proved otherwise. I've seen stranger things happen. So in regards to your question, yes I do think it's possible.
  11. So he's looking to you as a "trophy". What's going to happen when you age, and you no longer have that youthful look? Is he going to demand something else? You have to look at everything ahead of time, and see how damaging this could be in the long run.
  12. I'm sorry, but I don't see this ending well.. How would you ever be able to have a mind of your own, if he is in total control? What will happen if you don't obey him? Is he just going to get physical with you? A healthy relationship takes two people to make it work. I understand sometimes you'll have to compromise to make each other happy. However, if one party has total control, it's not going to work. I'm sorry, but you should have another talk with him, and if he doesn't budge, I suggest that you seriously consider your relationship, for the sake of you & your daughter's wel
  13. Congratulations!!! Time sure passes by fast.
  14. I find his story very unlikely as well. It just doesn't seem to add up. If he was truly sick, it wouldn't take 1-2 months to get a biopsy. Secondly, if it was cancer, wouldn't he rather do it right away, than wait awhile? Hypothetically speaking, if he did have cancer, it still doesn't excuse his behavior towards you at all.
  15. Yes, you should just end it. Wow, what an ass. You deserve better than him. If his actions alone doesn't already show how much you really mean to him, I don't know what will. Seriously not worth it.
  16. If he's remembered all the other dates, perhaps this one time he was just really caught up with his exams? How is your relationship otherwise? Do you notice any changes with his behavior?
  17. Do you have some honey? I would mix it with a hot water so it soothes your throat. As far as the sinus goes, do you have any vicks? If you do, you can put some under your nose so you can breathe better.
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