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Cheating celebrity and Ideas of happiness


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Why do you think Celebrities Cheat? Why are celebrities like George Clooney and Mario Lopez still single. I mean they have everything, looks, money, status. Why can't celebs stay faithful?


It kinda lead me to believe that humans cannot be completely content in a relationship. I think all relationship get boring after a while. You know everything about the person, then they become ordinary to you. I have never ment anyone who have had that fairy tale ending, where they fall in love with their equal and live hapily ever after. If you guys have, fill me in.


So knowing that there are 6.4 billion people in this world, what makes you want to stay with your partner? Alot of people are looking for an upgrade. As if the grass is greener on the other side. After 2 years ....

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Why do you think Celebrities Cheat? Why are celebrities like George Clooney and Mario Lopez still single. I mean they have everything, looks, money, status. Why can't celebs stay faithful?




is that everything? do those people really have anything more than you? interesting idea. i think it makes sense. it's evidence of the fact that nothing you gain or lose externally can ever add to or take away from who you are...who you really are. these people that have ''everything''...also have the same neruoses as the rest of us. they still hurt. they still feel insecure. they still suffer. why would the rules change for them? they're only human after all...sharing in everything that makes each of us human.


i've encountered two couples who seem to fit the profile of 'happily'...althought...who knows if the future will deliver on the 'ever-after'. noone knows that. but...i look at these people...and they seem to just emanate something that other couples don't. you can just tell that they work well together...for whatever reason. they've really learned to accept the differences they share. they communicate well. they feel safe in sharing ANYTHING with the other. there are no hangups. they actually help each other to reach new levels. they grow together. pretty inspiring. maybe they won't last forever...but what they share now is opening all kinds of doors for each.


i think the biggest thing is that they're not searching for fulfillment in the other. they're each their own...but just happen to share a common bond. they're not conforming to ideals. they just...are. allowed to be as they are...good, bad, ugly, completely neurotic. there's no judgement. it's not needy...or compulsive. there's an abundance of curiosity...and accpetance. it appears to be very much mutual.


i think it's out there...so long as you remain open to it.

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I choose to stay with my partner because I have never met anyone more suitable for me. I've been in relationships back to back for about 12 years, and I can honestly say that he is the best partner I'd ever encountered.


Sure, some relationships do get boring at one point or another, but that's when you have to work at it to make it work. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. However, if both parties are willing to work together then anything is possible.


As far as celebrities go - you should never compare yourself to the "Hollywood lifestyle". It's far too overrated.

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Celebrities are not a good sample group of the population. Actors especially are a certain breed unto themselves. Actors require an audience...it's a necessity and this attracts a certain type of person. Indeed most creative people have "quirks" for lack of a better word. They tend to be highly individualistic, dedicated, focused but alas quite selfish and ruthless (they need to be in order to be successfull). I am generalizing here but I believe this to be true.


Person 1: I like to build things, I will become an engineer

Person 2: I like animals, I want to be a vet

Person 3: I love children, I want to become a teacher (or a parent)

Person 4: I crave attention and creating things, I will become a singer/dancer/actor


These career choices spill over into one's personal lives....hence the drama.


However, Sandra Bullock...what on earth????

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^^ the one actor i've heard the best things about is Johnny Depp. That he is just the kindest nicest man, and a true artist and actor, in the real sense. Very serious and into his roles, not so much the fame, but really being an artist. my heart melts even more. He was recently in my area shooting a movie, and my friends who worked with him on the set just had the best things to say about him.


I have a few friends who have met mario lopez as well. One friend told me she met him when she was 10 on an airplane. She said that he came over and played 'connect 4' with her during the flight. And totally ignored some floozy who was trying to flirt with him on the flight. lol. he seems like a good guy as well.


but yes, i agree with you, it does seem that many actors don't seem to have as much acting talent as they do being able to be in the tabloids.

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Cheating shouldn't be based on celebrities. They aren't a special category above the rest f the world. The only difference between them and your average doctor or lawyer is the fact that they are on the big screen and in tabloids. They aren't nearly as rich as many other business people, only difference is, you rarely ever hear of the truly rich. Their job is to act and that is all. Beyond that, they are no different than the rest of the world. Except that they earn more than the average person, and with that comes a different set of problems, working hours, lack of privacy etc.


My parents have been married over 30 years and still going strong. They have known each other since they were 10 and started dating at 14. So really my father has known my mother for 40 years. They never cheated on each other and to this day still spend endless amounts of hours together doing various things. My grandparents were married for 40 years before my grandfather died. My grandmother never remarried and even in her last days she was still mentioning him.

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I've heard the saying, "a man is as faithful as his options." I think that there is a certain amount of truth to it. I imagine that with rich and famous men, there are many women throwing themselves at them daily, so there is a lot more temptation to cheat. It's hard to diet if someone is offering you cake and donuts all day!

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A fairy-tale is a work of fiction, usually intended for children. Life is not a fairy-tale. Any commitment takes hard work, and those who ensure they are suited will have a long and happy marriage. My parets were married 45 years. I am friendly with friends of theirs who, wait for it, are married 53 years!

I know many other cuples like that.

I've asked some of them about it all, and I think most would say a sense of humour, an ability to accommodate the other person, to be on the same page of the sheet about important issues. One husband said to me: "The spade work starts after the honey-moon."

But, first and foremost, it is evident they met the right person, meaning that there was a maturity of mind at work from day one, and a firm grasp of reality.



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