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What is your comfortable weight?


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I was just curious to ask, at which weight do you think you feel your best physically / mentally, etc?


I know that it is something different for everyone, and many different factors can come into play.

I was just curious to ask : ]


I'm around 5 ft 2, and i think i feel better when i happen to fall in between 115 and 120 lbs, give or take a few.



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I'm about 5'1" and I think around 120-125 is perfect for me.


For a long time I was up around 135-140 and I wasn't unhappy but I always felt a little better when I got under 130. I was about a size 8-10 then and didn't feel fat at all...now 20 pounds lighter I'm a size 2 and I hear my "healthy weight" for this height is like 110-115...I'm thinking if I lost 10 more pounds what size would I be -2? lol. Nope I like my 120-125! Maybe I am just big boned as they say.

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I'm 5'5". I feel thin and fit and fabulous in the high 110s (teens), or 120 pounds. Right now I think I'm about 125-127 - been really stressed and busy lately so haven't done too well on the eating, but I'm hoping to be back at 120 by the start of the summer, since I now have a lot more free time and no stress!

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I'm 5'3 and 122 pounds. Thats right in the middle of my 'ideal' weight according to my BMI but I do feel heavy at this weight... my lowest weight was 98lbs... which was clearly too low and I wasn't well at that weight but I'd love to sit around 110 although I never seem to get below 119 whilst staying healthy.

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