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  1. Hey Quirky. I'm really sorry to hear things have been hard for you recently. I really feel like you're making the right, albeit tough, decision. You have to remember you've had doubts for a long time. Maybe the vote was just the nail in the coffin.... but if you two differ on that it's honestly a pretty BIG difference. Deal breaking? Maybe not for everyone. But I absolutely understand how it's taken you back. I know I can't, personally, even understand that mindset. It really seems to me like you two have huge differences in a few areas. The perfect example of opposites attract! Drawn together by the strengths the other has.. that doesn't always make the best relationship. I'm sure it's a ridiculous tough situation to be in. I know you obviously care greatly for the guy. But there's someone out there that won't set off this many flags for you. I don't think anyone is perfect! But there's someone out there you won't be constantly questioning what's missing with. As Baya said... When you know you know. In this situation I agree. Stay strong! The right decision isn't always easy. I have regretted quite a few decisions I've made over the past decade. But believing there's something out there that will just feel right. Something that will click. Well, I know I've been there once before... and I have to believe even though I'm older it can happen again. I think that's worth it.
  2. I'm glad you ended this and you're moving on. You never seemed quite sold on things. I know it can be hard and I'm sure there were a bunch of things you liked about him... but now you get to focus on yourself and finding someone better suited for you! Hopefully he hasn't been contacting you anymore!
  3. Well I'm sorry for the way it ended but I'm glad it's over for you. There's never an easy way to end things and you never seemed sold on this. I know it's tough but the way he's acting now shows it was the right decision!
  4. That's super frustrating. That guy has no respect. If he's not feeling it he should end it. If he's on the fence about it he should discuss it openly. If it hits a certain point and he's slacking Carol should ditch him.
  5. Hmmm. Hopefully he realizes he screwed up here and makes a move!! I agree with others. I think you, like me, have gotten more comfortable with things. Happier about some things you had doubts about.... but you still have doubts. Hopefully they can be resolved. If not you'll know when you know.
  6. Daymn Annie!! For real I'm going to be pming you for diet advice! I just hit the heaviest I've ever been and I feel like absolute crud. I'm going to the gym more than I ever have... so I'm putting on muscle. I just haven't watched anything I've ate or drank.... and I drink a ton. Starting tomorrow my diet is about to get serious. I hope I can lose 11 pounds too. That'd be an awesome start to my long journey. If I lose 30 I'll reassess my goals.
  7. Well it sounds like things are going awesome. Haha it's hilarious to me that things have gone from you questioning your feelings... to now questioning things he's doing. It seems like you two have flip flopped!!! Though with that said I'm sure he's still crazy about you. He's just gotten more comfortable which is something that took you a lot longer than him. Well it sounds like good stuff keep us updated. A little jealousy isn't a bad thing. Don't let it take over! ;D
  8. Ya. Well you know that's a bad sign. Why hasn't she confronted him about where things are going? I'll be honesty I'm in the same situation only I guess I'm the "Bill". The girl I'm dating has confronted me many times and I'm sure, at the very least, shell have an answer soon because of it.
  9. Sure. But you don't really know how the date is going to be till you go on it right? Maybe if it's awkward or boring you can carry the date for a bit?? Tell a good story, make some good jokes, something like that. Whatever I won't post anymore on this here as it's Annie's Journal and the original thought came out of left field. I'm just saying if you want a date you should be able to get one. If you're looking for the perfect date there's no way of knowing how good it can be till you go on it. If you'd rather be alone, be alone.
  10. What was the sacrifice? A few hours time for a free meal? I guess it's not worth it if you're going to be miserable when you go. I've personally never had a bad date because even if it's someone I'm not interested in I like to have a fun time and meet someone new. Isn't that the point of dating? Maybe I missed something there.
  11. Well I don't think men claim it's easier to meet someone good online or find a partner. I just think they mean it's simply easier for women to get dates if they want them. I'm sure it's not the case for everyone.... But I'd say in general it's true.
  12. Damn well that's awesome! Ya it always seemed like you were maybe both lukewarm about it. Well shut I hope if/when my relationship ends it'll be that easy too!
  13. Ya that def sounds like the ketones! That's awesome. You burn tons of fat in ketosis. I did it for 2 months a year ago and dropped 30 lbs. Can't do it anymore though cause I'm just not dedicated enough. I'll eat low carb for about a week then break it off. Try to get back on and cheat. Keep up the good work tho sounds like you've had some great progress!
  14. Sounds like this is going to be a great spring/summer for you! Keep on the right track! This life coach sounds awesome. Very encouraging.
  15. Awesome job Annie! Just stick with it. Those results are amazing so far. I made it 5 days then it all came crumbling down in epic fashion. I don't even want to jump on the scale to see the damage I've done. Oh well back to the grind!!
  16. Ug being unsure sucks!! It's like you're not 100% ready to end it... But you're not quite happy too. I know this all too well.
  17. Hahaha holy smokes! I'd be all kinds of self conscious if someone said that to me lol! Haha I've def had random people tell me I look "solid". I don't quite know if that's a compliment! Good job on the gym program. You can do some amazing stuff in 6 weeks! I'm going low carb too and it's day 3 for me. Monday and Tuesday were tough but it already seems easier today. I feel after 3-4 days you don't even miss them, weight flies off and energy levels increase.
  18. Well then. That's probably just the icing on the cake!
  19. Very cool. I really like both of those. So awesome, and important, that you can find the time to express yourself!!
  20. Thanks everyone! Ya I don't think she'd take it well. I think if I have a serious talk with her I'm ending things. It's possible that won't happen thought and we'll be in a relationship in a month or two!!! I just think it's funny how all of us are writing journals and we all aren't sure. I guess that's the nature of relationships. I look back at my last SERIOUS relationship about a decade ago and I don't think I ever had any doubts, or questions, about things. But maybe that's just my rose tinted glasses now?? Surely I questioned things then, right?? Maybe we just tend to forget. It certainly doesn't help me that I have the worst memory ever. It probably also doesn't help me that I tend to romanticize all my past relationships...
  21. Haha I'm in the same situation as you two just from the guys side!! I just don't know if the attraction is where it needs to be. Sure attraction can grow and I want to give it more time. I feel like I'm waisting her time. Haha one of us will end things... Or maybe we'll all be 3 years down the road still seeing the same people and talking about it in our journals! Hopefully not still unsure about things. I agree with reinventmyself, withlove. Big props to you for bringing it up!!! I really hope things get better for you. Just remember if they don't the longer we all stay unsure the harder it'll be to end things. You two are probably way ahead of me because you've had open communication about your issues so if you end things they won't come out of the blue. I think in my case the girl I'm seeing knows we have issues and has expected me to leave once or twice already.
  22. Hm. Well there you go you have a good timeline! I'd probably be nervous to take a romantic trip with someone I was lukewarm about... But I guess you like him a lot. Just no fireworks.
  23. Ya I'll back off posting here for a bit. I'm sure you'll figure it out. I just wanted to add some support and say you're never crazy for feeling the way you feel. If you feel like you're settling there's something there. You don't have to act on it but pay attention to it!
  24. Ya this whole thing. I'm interested to see where it goes. This guy has always seemed waaaaaay too available. How can that help your attraction? It seems like he just kind of latched on right away. I'd find it hard to fall for someone that did that. I feel like the fireworks/passion comes from the push and pull in the beginning. In this case there never was any. Then again all my advice should probably be disregarded as I'm still single lol. I'm just saying that kind of stuff helps me with passion.
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