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I'm being laid off and I feel like such crap


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I know this is frightening for you and this will sound so trite and overused, but you do need to pull yourself together. Tell yourself you can have a big breakdown when everything is back to normal.


Being laid off is something most of us will experience in life, often more than once. In these times, you are among many. Start doing your research on unemployment right away so you can get your checks as quick as possible.


Go online to the job sites and start looking right away. What you don't want to happen, is to feel worthless ...you aren't. Being laid off is about the company you work for not doing well, not about you not doing well. They fire people when they don't do well, they lay people off when they have to.


Take this time to concentrate on yourself, looking your best When you get a chance to interview, keep this thought in mind .... remember that if that company doesn't hire you, one of it's competitor's might and you are worth getting and keeping as an employee.


You may not know every skill but you are capable of learning - don't forget this!!!

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If your hours are getting cut back for now, that gives you time to look for a new job. And you will get unemployment when they finally let you go because they laid you off.


Sometimes changes like this will kickstart you into a better life. You need a fresh start, right? And you can now start looking for a new job and better opportunities for yourself.


You also need to call your counselor and talk to her if you are feeling discouraged right now. I know it is hard, but you can do it, and need to recognize that your life has barely begun and there is so much for you out there if you break the old patterns and start focusing on things that will help you, like getting a new job and a fresh start. Everyone goes thru down times, and you need to recognize life is a cycle and you will be fine again if you start looking to the future rather than looking back.

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Great posts from Just M.E. and BSBH. They both gave good advice.


I can definitely empathize with you. I'm getting laid off in a couple of months. Even though I'm older and have been through this before, it's still rough. It's normal to go through a period of grieving. Losing a job is one of the major life changes people go through. It would help to get counseling while you're feeling so depressed and in transition. You might even benefit from going on anti-depressants for a few months.


In any case, hang in there. Your feelings are temporary. Things will get better. Often we look back at times like this and realize it's what we needed in order to grow and become stronger. Hopefully, you'll get an even better job! Apply for unemployment benefits so at least you have some income while you're looking.

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I too received notice today that my contract will be terminated n 2 weeks. Did I freak out? Alittle. Then I realized that I actually don't like the job and its for the best.


Two ways to look at this, either morn what you can't change, or use it as an opportunity to find something you'll love. Its scarey, no doubt, but in can also be exciting...

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Sickening. Any kind of redundancy package?

I was laid off a few years ago and I felt exactly like you do now. I had just bought a house!

I absolutely hate looking for jobs, - it's almost a phobia! I'm useless at interviews and the skills I had were becoming obsolete.

They sent us on a day-long job-finding course which wasn't worth a sh*te, but did give me two little bits of advice which were useful:

1 - Your new full-time job is finding a job.

2 - In an interview, have an example to back up everything - for example it's all very well to say you're an innovative worker, but have examples of where you used your innovation (exaggeration is no harm...)


And whatever you do, don't complain about your previous employers, even if you were in the right!

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