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Thats the last time I buy a girl flowers


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I apologize its kinda long I'm sorry please help.


there's this really pretty girl who was in my training class at work (exactly like school) and for the first week of work i would always catch her glancing over at me. the second week we all got assigned seatings and her seat was next to mine and well i'm not a big player but i know how to talk to the ladies so i decided to spit some game and get some flirt out of her. she recognized game and liked it. So after that day the ice was broken and from then on she flirted with me all the time and leaned on me during class or found an excuse to touch me. play-full flirting u know like talking to me in a flirting manner and some times she would play footsie with me and all that stuff.

( I should mention that she is 18 and going to be a freshmen in college and i am 20 and sophomore in college. the college i am attending is only ten miles away from where i live. its in the same town that she lives in)


Then i got her number and played the whole phone game. pretty soon at work she was always happy to see me and it was now clear that we like each other. at work she would lean her head on my shoulder during the boring lectures and would scoot closer to me. we looked like a couple at work cause we would always be together. so i ask her to hang out with me on weekend she said yes but then stood me up because some family birthday thing came up and she had to go. i heard rumors about some other guy spitting game to her too and that she was talking to him too and it pissed me off. could she have lied and stood me up to hang out with this other guy. the competition didn't bother me it just made me not want to lose this girl to him, it sparked something inside of me that gave me extra interest in this girl. a couple days later my car broke down and she was giving me rides to work and we went to lunch together. people at work were starting to ask if we were a boyfriend and girlfriend. i wanted to ask her out but she had told me she might be moving away to a city about 1 hour away to go to college but she wasn't sure yet, she was scared about getting attached to a guy and then moving away.


later i heard that she went bowling with this other guy and that hella pissed me off but most rumors i have heard are mostly not true so i said fu** it, if that did happen then he one-upped me and i better step my game up. but by that time it was my last week of work because i play soccer in college and the season was starting soon. she was sad when she heard it was my last week and showed me extra affection at work. When she dropped me off at my house on my last day she kept saying she was gonna miss me and telling me not to be sad and i couldn't control myself anymore so i moved in and kissed her. then she told me to call her that weekend and i did but she didn't answer. That week i fixed my car and decided to surprise that friday when i went to go pick up my last paycheck at work. I bought her daisies but it wasn't a bunch of daisies more like a couple of them. and they were wrapped in this cool wrapping the flower shop wrapped it in. it wasn't big and flashy, you could easily carry it with one hand. When i showed up to work I ran into her and she was happy to see me again and i gave her the flowers and she blushed. she asked why i bought her flowers and i told her that i just wanted to show her affection and she smiled and gave me a one of the best hugs i have ever received. she said no one has ever bought her flowers before. I called her the next week but she didn't answer. I called some more but one different days and she still didn't answer. I've texted her and didn't respond back.


so i guess what i am asking is what is going on. I don't know what to do. should i keep calling her or just cut my loses and move on. maybe she is playing hard to get or did i just get played?

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for guys, we chase the sex. for women, it's all about the attention. i wouldn't say you got played...well, sort of. this sounds more like a summer fling kind of deal. you were in her class, you liked her, you flirted with her, you chased her a bit, showed her lots of attention, and she liked it, but she never took it seriously. you were fun to fool around with during class when it got boring. basically, you were available and you were easy.


and she had the other guy(s) that did the same, but she was probably more interested in him/them, because she actually went out with him. You got stood up.


oh and the 'no one's ever bought me flowers before' line - hahaha, that's the cheesiest line i've heard in a while, a 20 year old girl actually said that?


but yeah, cut your losses, she's not interested, if she were, she'd answer the phone.

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Cut your losses.


You could leave her one last voicemail, something along the lines of "well, it was nice spending time with you, but you're clearly not interested so I'm going to stop trying to contact you. If you ever want to get together, give me call. Otherwise, good luck with everything, and goodbye."


But otherwise, don't keep trying... she's clearly not interested.

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You're too much into the idea of 'game' here. People who subscribe to the 'game' theory of dating get caught up in little rituals where they think if they do this or do that it will 'win' the girl for them, when you're forgetting a good relationship isn't about manipulating the person, but about enjoying one another and doing things together.


So you showed up in class and went thru the various game motions, but what you should have done was simply ask her out in the very beginning, then she goes or not. If you ask her out once and she changes plans, then never agrees to another date, then you know she isn't really interested.


If you play games you end up with people who play games back, not in a real relationship.


So start just asking girls out. Start with a coffee date or two, then lunch or dinner, then night dates. If anywhere along the line she doesn't actually show up or go on dates with you, then you're not really dating her.


This girl was just soaking up a little attention, and wasn't really interested in going on dates with you or she would have showed up for a date.

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You came on way too strong. It felt like a marriage proposal from a stranger. Flowers feel like too much affection when she's not even your girlfriend and you are casual flirters. Especially when she has said she was scared about getting attached.

She probably feels like you like her far more than she likes you and so she doesn't want to lead you on.

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so i ask her to hang out with me on weekend she said yes but then stood me up because some family birthday thing came up and she had to go.


This is the only thing that matters here. It was done at this point.


When someone stands you up....don't go back to get your teeth kicked in again.

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I was in a similar situation with a girl at work not too long ago. She was all flirty and mushy with me during work, so I figured she liked me. I ask her out, she blows me off. Difference is I cut it off right there.


Some girls act that way just for immediate attention, not out of genuine interest.

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