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How long do you wait after dating someone before sleeping with them?


Before I was ever dating I always said I would probably wait around 6 months after starting a relationship before sleeping with them. In reality it turned out generally between 1 month & one week


I'm just curious if I'm "normal". Let's hear it- how long did you wait??

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I usually wait a few months. I want to know that we're exclusive and just get to know him a bit better.


I wish I had the willpower for that; it would have eliminated a few mistakes!


And as far as burping/farting in front of them.. I don't think I would ever feel comfortable in front of anyone, and he BETTER not start feeling comfortable doing it in front of me! haha!

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depends. if you have been taling online and phone calls and not easy to meet straight awya dnt hen when you meet and hit it off, ewhy not if it feels right


some i ave waited months, some the secnd date and others ont he first time i met them


you could wait a year and then find out he bad in bad. at my age i do not wait that long anymor eespecially afetr you ahve got to them for a while online and on the phone. so lomg as your safe, end joy it,, life is too short

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My current relationship, it was close to 8-9 months I'd say. But he was my first relationship, first boyfriend, first sexual partner.

And we both admit that taking the time outside of the bedroom to get to know each other was a good thing.


But with that being said, if this relationship did fail and I moved on..I don't think I'd wait that long because the circusmstances aren't the same..

But I'd generally wait and get to know the person, and make sure we're both on the same page, want the same things and I am just not being used for sex. A couple months I'd say.

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