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You poke at your food with a fork

He orders the steak and ask for dessert.


You wake up three times in the night.

He sleeps soundly right through the alarm.


You dont' open the blinds and don't want to leave the house

Friday night he's going out with his buddies and Saturday night this girl he's had his eye on.


You cant find humor in your favorite comedy show

He can't wait to tell someone the funniest joke they heard the other day.


Your face looks sunken in, you've lost weight

He brags to friends that he's never looked better.


You cant even see a future without him

He looks at his new girlfriend and wonders what his children will look like.


Your every thought is him

He doesn't even think about you except when someone mentions the word desperate, clingy, needy, or vicegrip.


You text him and ask how he's doing.

and he responds an hour later.


You see his name pop up.

You can hardly breathe.

what will he say?...


"Fine. Can't talk right now. ttyl. "


Because That's the Reality.

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I just dumped someone less then a week ago. I know it's not going well for her. I already felt bad, but this makes me feel worse. You always want to imagine that your empathy is genuine and far reaching, but in reality we can see our own picture quite clearly, while the picture of the other merely filters in as hazy, brief flashes of understanding.

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Jettison, was that necessary? People on this board really are hurt. I mean I don't understand why you did that without at least letting people know that it was a comedic. And so you left your girlfriend and so im assuming this is what you think is funny. wow.




You couldn't possibly have taken me more wrong if you tried. When I got dumped by my last girlfriend, I watched that video, and I smiled. Sometimes, a little comedic value allows you to step away from your situation and look at it with some perspective. We can alllllll relate to that video because we've all been there. We've all cried over love lost. In the early stages, we have to take even the simplest of notions with deathly seriousness. Later, after we've had a little time to process, we loosen our grip, realize that we're just going through one of those normal paths in life, and we feel ok again.



EDIT: That said, I'm sorry that it did not help you. When my mate got dumped, and was crying every other day, I showed this to her and she laughed out loud and said "thanks". Different strokes.

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Oh okay. Sometimes we do need to laugh. I should look at it again with different eyes. Not that i wouldn't think it funny under different circumstances. Actually it's my kind of humor, It's just hard when your heart has been kinda stomped on--The only thing funny sometimes is the reflection in the mirror.

No worries. I need to lighten up.



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