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  1. Hey everyone! I know there is no perfect way to lose weight...and what I have done is just started eating better. I have not counted calories or fat grams...and I WILL NOT lower good carbs (IE whole grain bread). Pretty much my take is, getting lots of fiber and I have completely eliminated fast food and junk. I have been staying away from foods that are processed as well. So far, I have lost 40 pounds. With my body type...I have gone down 4 dress sizes. What I want to do now is start exercising more. I have tried going to the gym...and it is really out of the way for me, and I find it really boring. So after doing some checking around I have found an indoor pool that would be pretty easy to access...and since I picked up another job while in school, the price shouldn't be a problem. I think I can squeeze in 2-3 times a week...for about an hour and a half to two and a half hours at a time. Obviously any exercise is better than none...but will that be enough to lose more weight? I chose swimming because I greatly enjoy it, I find it soothing and relaxing....and find it far more enjoyable than the gym. It is easier on my joints (I have tendonitus in my wrists and elbows), and I get a cardio workout while toning. So...any info anyone? Thanks for your help!
  2. SO i've called and begged, pleaded, whined, threatened (not in a scarey way). I've met up with him a few times (a month later) and lost weight got brown and managed not to get blasted and tearfull and made him laugh. I've even had sex with someone else. Still he is in my thoughts every waking hour of every day and I want him back so bad it makes me feel physically sick. We'd been rowing a bit before we broke up- I,ve got a new job and was stressed. So he calls me up and says he needs to concentrate on his career and be selfish for a while which makes me wanna wring his neck as I really needed his support. Help.
  3. when a girlfriend or wife loses alot of weight, like 210 down to 130, thats a tremendous alot of weight to lose, do most lose attractiveness toward boyfriend or husband? while thinking they can get better now or as more people look at flirt it could get in the way of our relationship???
  4. I have been in a relationship for 6-years & we live together. (I am 30) I have been miserable now for 5 years. I don't feel like the relationship is working. She loves me, but I just don't have those same feelings. I have not touched her (meaning sex, kissing) in 5 years. (She wants to have sex but I dont) I fight with her over insignificant things. I have been fantisizing about other woman (noone inparticular, just ones I make up in my head). I just feel like she is controlling. I have no friends. I used to have friends, but they are all gone. I am living a miserable existence. I tell her I need some gay friends & losing weight, but she gets jealous & mad. Saying that I am going to meet someone else & leave her when I lose weight, etc. If I am on the phone or receive a phone call she "jokes" that I am talking to my gf. I have no life. I can't go anywhere alone without her being with me. We don't go out b/c it is a miserable experience. If I talk to other people at a bar (women) she gets upset & starts fighting with me. When I take a day off from work she does to. Isnt it enough that we ar together 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. I need some free time. I want to see other people. I want to know what it is like to be in love. I can't take it anymore. My self-esteem is so low. I am afraid of leaving her. Afraid that I won't meet anyone else. Afraid that I will be alone. I feel old. I feel ugly. I have put on so much weight b/c I am depressed all of the time. I am not blaming her for these issues. She is a great person. I love her like I would love my sister & that is all. I just dont want to be intimate with her b/c I am unattracted to her. I am afraid to break it off. Thinking that I am making a huge mistake. I am posting here b/c I have noone to talk to about this. No friends. My family doesnt know I am gay.
  5. I dont know if this topic has been discussed before,it probably has,but I havent been here long so forgive me if I'm starting it again I was just wandering around here and reading all these posts about women dieting and wanting to lose weight and being fat,that I just thought about it.I wonder why is it so important to be thin? I know being overweight is unhealthy but being skinny is too. I just hate the fact that society makes standards for how our bodies should be.And why have the standards change so much through the years? A century ago men liked women who were almost overweight.Havent you realized how those fine artists used to paint all these women? My bf told me a while ago: 'Until the 50's,most of the stars on tv were curvy,with nice legs and all,and then in the 60's it started to get all screwed up,peple started liking skinny women' LOL,well,he does not like skinny girls,thats why he said it like that,but then,isnt it true? Marilyn Monroe wasnt really thin,she was curvy if anything,and yet she was beautiful and men loved her! So what do you think about this topic?
  6. hey my name is Stefanie and im onli 13 years old ever since i was lil i hav always been overweight so in the summer of 2003 i decided to lose the weight so i stopped eating aka became anorexic then in september of 2004 i was admited in to the hospital and gained the weight bak then wen i left the hospital i lost the weight again coz i got sick again then i decided to start eating again so then i did and then i gained more weight then i had to so now im at 115 pounds and i dont wanna stop eating again coz living dat way was lyk HELL!!!! so my mom put me in the gym CURVES and ive been goin there for a lil bit but the thing is im not sure if i should diet coz i dont wanna stop eating all the stuff i lyk and people say that i should just eat healthy and excersise and imnot sure if thats gonna work so my plan is to lose 15-20 pounds in 2 months do u think dats possible becuase im used to excersisin everyday for 2 hours so do u think i will lose the weight in 2 months by eating healthy and excersisin????
  7. Hey, im trying to lose about 30 lbs as soon as I can, and i would like to gain muscle in place of that... I need a healthy diet, im 15 years old. What kind of foods should I eat? I don't want to eat anything fatty. I have cut out sweet food comepletely and I'm only drinking water. I'm starting to lift weights every other day, I work out every part of my body and I run every day and play basketball. I would like to lose atleast 20 lbs in 2 months. (lose the fat and gain the muscle)
  8. Yesterday, my best friend told me she was aneroxic.. she found out she was anemic early this year.. and things hve been really hard on her.. i had noticed that it looked like she was losing weight... but about 3 months ago when she went to the dr. they said in 1.1/2 months she had lost 30 lbs.. so i am really worried.. the dr.s then said that she was anemic and she is on medicine for that now.. but she said i am the only one that knows she is aneorexic and she doesn't want me to tell anyone.. i'm so worried and comfused and i need some advice quick! thanks!
  9. ok first of all i put on a few pounds over the summer because i was at my grandma's house and she's a cook'n fool. but i started to get stretch marks on my arms and stomach, they aren't too bad but i wanted to know if the will go away if i lose weight and how much do girls care about them??? o yea i'm also wondering about penis size. not trying to be a perve or anything, but i'm 15 and at 6". is that small for my age?
  10. I use to weigh 54 2 years ago, when i was a gym junkie... Early this year i weighed 67, but managed to lose 7 kgs. I've maintaned my weight of 60 til this month... Now, its increasing... I just weighed myself and I'm now 62! I'm feeling really ugly. I know looks aren't everything... That's what bothers me! WHy do i care so much about my weight? argh!! Maybe its just cos i just finished high school and since then i been slacking off excercising cos i've been busy. I planned to start excericing like i use to (walk everyday for an hour and weight training), but because my sleeping pattern has been derailed by the mentality of 'no school tomorrow' I never get up early enough to excersice. I wake up at noon! I spose, the fact that its xmas and new year doesnt help.... *sigh* Yes, at the moment i am overwight... not much, but overweight nonetheless... My BMI is 26.... I'm thinking of losing 10 kilos, to drop my BMI to 22... is that a good thing? I mean, i seriosuly don't want to end up anorexic... ARGH, my mind is in constant battle: I dun need to lose weight, just control my eating and get back to the usual excersice and stick to 60 kgs... The other says lose weight, feel better, look better blah blah ... Damn celebrities. If i can only afford a gym membership...
  11. I've written many things on here in the short time I have been a member because im still in the process of accepting its over, but I still need answers. Right now I keep learning new things, but most of them are lies ... I need a girl or two to help me understand and translate this code that has been given to me: It has been less than a week since my ex broke up with me, and she went after a guy. Well this guy didn't like her ... now my ex has got a new boyfriend (who she is using as a rebound because the other guy didnt like her) yet she hasn't rebounded with anyone to avoid the pain of breaking up with me (we were together for 2 years). Naturally it is strange to me that she acts like i don't exist. Anyhow ... the new guy is 15 and she will be 18 in a couple months just to give you some insight. Anyhow, over the course of our relationship she was fairly heavy, but i didnt care. I always told her she was beautiful and helped her diet. Well she lost 30 lbs and started becoming vain. I didnt notice till later tha she took advantage of my support and my confidence building. So me and her are into the music scene, but im not a "scene" kid who is completely living and dying by the music. Well she now has this image of being a scene girl and it seems like she is dating this guy just because he is in the "thick of things" when it comes to hardcore music in our area. Her friends have even told me that she has become very vain always commenting on how she lost weight, and what size jeans she wears, etc. I didn't care whether she lost 10 lbs or gained 10 lbs so long as she was happy i loved her the same. Well i finally get the courage to be at the same show that she was at. I havent contacted her, i dont think I even saw her there. Well apparently she told her friends that she had to "apologize to her new man" because he felt awkward that I was even there. WTF? honestly, i dont see how she can think like that. and she said i am "acting dumb" --- serioulsy i havent talked to her since the break up, period. nothing has been going on ... i have been writing music and being by myself. also --- she told someone that she likes her new boyfriend because "he talks to her and she can be herself" --- I dont think I have had so many people tell me she is so "confused and lame" after hearing that. If i could describe to you the freedoms i gave this girl and how often i would talk to her (call her when she wanted me to, surprise her with dinner, spend the night together). im trying to figure out if she is just trying to make excuses for dumping me even though no one (including her) can come up with any. ill update this in a bit maybe if i can figure out more. PLEASE LADIES, DECIPHER WHAT IS GOING ON (or guys).
  12. I am almost 300 pounds and I am only 20... I do an awesome job hiding the many pounds I have, But I want to make my man happy... and I feel that if I lost some weight it would make him happy... and not to mention it would make me EXTREMELY happy to lose say.... 150 pounds. Does anyone have this problem... or better yet HAD this problem that can give me a few good ideas??? Im so lost and my weight has been a problem since I was say, 11... I dont remember the time I actually fit in anything less than a 20. I dont know but I know my health is on the lines... but no one can help me without surgery... ANY IDEAS??? Jessica
  13. I am a 16 year old guy and going through some extreme changes. I am growing constantly, and in the past couple of months I have grown almost a foot. Also I am gaing weight like crazy, and not good weight. In the past one and a half months I have put on just over one hundred pounds of pure fat. I have not been eating anything other than what I normally eat, and I've tried dieting to lose weight and it doesn't work at all. I have to keep on buying new clothes for my new height and my new weight. I have seen no one I know go through this kind of change. Is this like some weird thing to do with puberty or adolescence? This is really weird, I could really use some help on what you think this is and if you think there is any way to stop the gaining of fat, since the growing thing really can't be stopped. Thank you for the help
  14. hey guys...i dont think im fat but latley ive been "feeling" fat and i thought maybe i should lose 5 or 10 lbs. to feel good about myself...and well i kind of need some help..if anybody reading this has lost weight quickly without harming or starving yourself..tell me how u did it! i dont want atkins..or stuff like that-i want ways to work on it at home running and etc..has anybody lost lbs fast? please help soon! thanks so much! -celci-
  15. I am 5' 155lbs. I body builded for 2 years then I became pretty skinny then I met my recent fiance, 3 1/2 years ago then I put on the wieght. when I met him I was 135 lbs very toned and muscular, and now I have put on the pounds. So please help me out. And I don't want to bodybuild again for a while. Advice is much appreciated
  16. denzal


    ok there is this girl at college and i think she is so great i think she likes me too but i dont know and i am chronicly shy. give me advice heres some background info. Im in the same Computer class at college as her at first i couldnt talk to her i just couldnt do it then my friends became her friends and now we are good friends. ill walk into class and sit next to her if there is a free seat but i dont know if this is too forward/obvious sitting next to her whenever i get a chance i think she likesd me becoz she will come and sit next to me sometimes and when we are on the computers and she finds a good website or something to get my attention she puts her hand on mine (can be for quite along time) and when we are walking to the pub or sumthing she will just grab my arm (you know like they do at weddings arms linked an stuff) and today i realized that i may be in love with her but i dont know how she feels. we were sitting eating lunch and she said to me i cant lose weight, i dont know why she said it but i was thinking you dont need to lose weight u are gorgeous but i couldnt bring myself to say it. i was giving her a lift home and i was thinking of bringing up the weight thing by saying something like" you know earlier when u said u were fat etc i think your gorgoues and dont need to lose weight" and i was so close to sayiung it but i just couldnt and i dont know why??? anywayz we arrived at her house and she put her hand on my thigh and said thanx for the lift.... i dont know if she is just really friendly or what but she is not like that around the other guys in our class.... i dont know what to do thanx for any help/advice etc DenZal email removed
  17. I been talking to this guy for about 4 months now....I know that his family said take things slow with him.. But I want to know what he thinks about me. I know when I tell him that i am trying to lose weight he said that i love ur body how it is. I mainly want to know where is this going to go but I don't want to just come out like that.. is this a line that i can say without just saying but that he can also know what i am trying to say too @ the same time.... Thanks... Sorry if the grammer is not good
  18. I have recently gained a lot of weight...Does anyone know good suggetions of losing weight that isn't too stressful....I have access to a really good gym, but can't get past eating a lot of crap foods in large amounts...I think it has a lot to do with the amount of stress in my life and it's kind of a way to feel better, but now it's just making me feel worse and more self conscious than before...please help
  19. Hey, So I've been working on gaining weight this year. I'm sick of being the tiny girl, and really i feel disgusting. If you are curious about my size you can ask. I've started going to the gym...I don't do much if any cardio...because when I do I lose weight like crazy. I've been focusing on lifting weights and its been going pretty good. Since Christmas I've gained 7 pounds and feel great. I'm getting good definition too. My doctor also recommended I start taking whey protein because my diet is lacking and I lift so much. But the thing is my weight has stopped...and I can't see myself getting over this little hill. I'm at my highest weight that I've ever been at and haven't ever gone past this. Am I doing everything right? Or is there something I should be doing different? Also...I take my protein after a work-out...is that the best way? Thanks in advance mel
  20. I have been very overweight for the last 6 years. I used to weigh a healthy 145 and now weigh 230 pounds.. YIKES! I am 5'5 and weigh as much or more than a linebacker (and I am a girl). My fantasy is to find some strict trainer who help me get gorgeous. Has anyone went from fat to fab and have a story to tell? Actually does anyone have any weight loss or gain stories to tell. I just want to feel good about myself and get healthy. But it is hard especially when chocolate calls my name. Bee
  21. Growing up I was always the skinny one. Now that I started to lift I have gain 12lbs of muscles and fill out a little bit. However, for some reason I'm not gaining anymore weight. It's been like this for two weeks. I even took a week OFF of physical activity in the case that I was over training but I started to lose weight. This totally knocked out my motivation for lifting. How can I gain more muscles?
  22. I joined this community since I have seen many members that provides information about health supplements. I do take enormous health supplements and now that I wanted to reduce my weight I searched for products that are all natural ingredients and the one of the top of my list is this Liptoprin Rx weight loss health supplement. But there is one ingredient that I wanted to avoid and that is ephedra. Is there anyone here who have actually used this product and give me some insights on the ingredients and what was the effect in your metabolism upon taking it? It will be highly appreciated for those who can help me about this product. Thank you very much.
  23. It's been 7 months since I broke up with my ex. I've been carrying on for those 7 months very well. The first month was hard but it got easier. We were together for 6 months, I ended it because I knew I couldn't be with her the rest of my life. I still think about some of the times we have together, but rarely. Things still remind me of her... songs, things I see, etc. I think about her maybe 1 time a day, sometimes twice... sometimes none. After I go through things like this I tend to feel the need to improve myself... a lot. I made a plan, I'd lose some weight, and work on improving myself. I keep myself motivated to lose weight by planning on going to this event I know she'll be at in June. I continue to use this event in my mind to try and make myself "better". I daydream about this upcoming day multiple times a week. I haven't had the oppurtunity of meeting anyone new yet. I know if I do I'll completely stop thinking about my ex. I just keep working on bettering myself so that one day I can... rub it in her face? I know it's mean, but it's like I want to say to her "Look what you could have had." Stupid question... Am I over her? Am I just psychologically replacing her with something else in my mind? Anybody have any ideas why I'm doing this? I think I have low self esteem, I really do. I shouldn't be doing this, but I look forward to rubbing it in her face so much. If I'm not doing something to improve myself I feel depressed. I'm 17, a senior in highschool. I'm not using my normal screenname because I'm ashamed of everything I'm feeling and asking.
  24. Anyone else continually say this statement? Because, unfortunately, I do. It feels like I'm constantly waiting for something to happen, instead of making it happen myself. Or I'll make things happen... like for example, if I wanted to lose weight, I'd buy a bike so that I could start exercising, but in the back of my mind I'd say, "...as soon as I lose 5 lbs, I will (fill in the blank)". But as much as I do those things, there's always something else that comes up and so then it's "as soon as I get through this...I'll start my life..." But until then, I feel like I'm in a waiting game...like waiting for great fortune to just fall in my lap and change my life.... Can anyone else relate?
  25. My grandma keeps saying i've put on more and more weight. Last time i checked i'd lost some but i guess i've put it all back on. She keeps saying it over and over again. Telling mum i should cut down on my intake. She said that i shouldn't eat anything else cuz i'd had enough today and that really i'd eaten to much. I feel so horrible right now. But whats worse is that if i suggest a diet she says no i'm obsessing with my weight to much. Its like she wants me to stay like this so she can continually pick on me. I feel so huge right now and i was wondering if theres a way to lose weight quickly. So that i can feel good about me and not have my nan on my case.
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