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About Me

  1. Since my last relationship. I'm starting to miss having someone, but other then that I still am working on myself. But truly that's a lifelong project. I'm working on losing weight, I'm stable emotionally, my job is stable, may be moving. So working on paperwork for that. If I move I'll have the project of furnishing my appartment. Have a few things but not everything. Case Manager has a way to help with some of that. Though meeting someone isn't a priority it's something I'm starting to think about.
  2. So back in the middle of October I took a trip with my Boyfriend. I ended up wetting the bed, I was also bloated, stomach cramping and gaining weight fast. I saw the Urologist when I got back who blew me off. So I got a second opinion. The second urologist did imaging and saw I had a large mass in my bladder. She just went off the Ct Scan, she didn’t order any further imaging. I had a Cystoscope in November and she saw my bladder looks really good and healthy took a sample to biopsy. The only odd thing was she told me I had a large protrusion inside the bladder. But she said to fol
  3. My partner (we are a lesbian couple) is 5'7" and 170lbs, used to be an athletic US Marine. She is very self-conscious about her weight gain the past couple years. I tell her I do not care what the scale says, and I am being genuine. I love her just the way she is and just want her to be happy. She frequently talks about wanting to go on a diet and exercise plan, but implies in order for her to go through with it, I have to do it with her. Issue is, I am 5'3" and 108 lbs and don't have much weight to lose. My metabolism is just higher than hers. I have no issue picking up my exercise game
  4. I don’t really like talking about my feelings with people because I feel like often times people ‘I think’ I can trust are dismissive of what I’m feeling. That’s why this post is mainly just to vent what I’ve been feeling since the beginning of this year. I don’t even know where to start but I feel like I’ve slowly become numb and I don’t think it’s normal that I haven’t cried about my problems when I remember myself being an emotional and sensitive person years ago... I’d cry over something so small or anything that would just tug gently at my heart strings and now it takes a lot more than
  5. Hello, Im a 20 year old girl with many insecurities, including the fact that i look about 15. My body is really skinny, well especially my upper body. My legs look good i guess, but my arms are really small and i have no boobs. I'm 1m65 (5 foot 4) and 58 kg (127 pounds), which seems to be a normal weight, so i'm really confused and annoyed by my weird body. when i try to wear feminine clothes to look my age, it just looks really weird in my opinion. i dont know what the problem is, why my upper body does not "grow" and still looks pubescent. my mother has(had) anorexia so maybe it has s
  6. Is it true that you can get stretch marks from weight loss? I understand from weight gain because the skin is stretching but I don't understand how this can be with weight loss? Does anyone know? Has anyone developed stretch marks from losing weight?
  7. Hey, So I've been working on gaining weight this year. I'm sick of being the tiny girl, and really i feel disgusting. If you are curious about my size you can ask. I've started going to the gym...I don't do much if any cardio...because when I do I lose weight like crazy. I've been focusing on lifting weights and its been going pretty good. Since Christmas I've gained 7 pounds and feel great. I'm getting good definition too. My doctor also recommended I start taking whey protein because my diet is lacking and I lift so much. But the thing is my weight has stopped...and I can't see myself getti
  8. I have been very overweight for the last 6 years. I used to weigh a healthy 145 and now weigh 230 pounds.. YIKES! I am 5'5 and weigh as much or more than a linebacker (and I am a girl). My fantasy is to find some strict trainer who help me get gorgeous. Has anyone went from fat to fab and have a story to tell? Actually does anyone have any weight loss or gain stories to tell. I just want to feel good about myself and get healthy. But it is hard especially when chocolate calls my name. Bee
  9. Hey Guys!!! I was just watching this episode of dateline and.....well, it was about this rape that occurred. I just want to say THANK YOU GUYS SO VERY MUCH!!! I've just thought of the things I've been through and there has always been someone from this community to love and support me. And it means the world. Rape is always complicated, never clear or easy, and always hard to discuss. Whenever I've needed to vent, or cry, or scream, or comtimplated a new way of thinking, enotalone has been here for me. I mean, this is the best resource ever! Thank you guys! You've a
  10. Ok Whats a healthy way to lose weight? I know it is to eat heathly, exercise and etc But when i exercise like with my arm to lose the weight of them i seam to gain more muscles there which causes my brother to call them 'helga arms'. So has anyone got any good ideas?
  11. It's been 7 months since I broke up with my ex. I've been carrying on for those 7 months very well. The first month was hard but it got easier. We were together for 6 months, I ended it because I knew I couldn't be with her the rest of my life. I still think about some of the times we have together, but rarely. Things still remind me of her... songs, things I see, etc. I think about her maybe 1 time a day, sometimes twice... sometimes none. After I go through things like this I tend to feel the need to improve myself... a lot. I made a plan, I'd lose some weight, and work on impro
  12. So I recently moved to a new place and want to lose some right badly. They have a gym, a tennis court, badminton court, yoga, swimming, tennis, squash. Also a running track. The problem is the classes for any of these cost quite a bit. I'm not great at any of them but know how to play. I also currently don't have any friends here yet. What can I do that will help me lose weight ?!
  13. Hey guys, ever since this new Italian deli/market opened in the building where I work, I think I must have gained at least five pounds, maybe more, I don't have a scale. I don't actually mind the extra weight (was probably too thin prior) and love the way my jeans fit now, BUT I was invited to an event next Saturday night and my favorite dress that I wish to wear does not fit!! It's too tight, and some other clothes that I LOVE are too tight too. The only thing I like being tight are my jeans. Which I used to shrink in drier before wearing, now I dont have to. So any ideas on how t
  14. Hey everyone, I realize I just posted yesterday but I'd like to use this platform a bit more whenever I'm having an issue. Its really been helpful. This summer was one of the best I've ever lived through, seriously. I lost a load of weight, got to become really good looking, was in great shape, and was just having a great time. When school started, it was a much different story. I found it much harder to keep up with exercising after school, and also just staying in shape.. I remember being 5'6 and about 128 pounds when school started, which seemed like a very good height and weight
  15. Ex gf kicked me out after 2 and a half years.There was a few weeks of being cold to me. Split the animals, and she had a new bf after a week. A mutual friend of ours that she always had around and I resented. Been a very hard time for me, but I am losing weight and getting my career together. Just figured I'd post to get it out there as I am the one left lonely in my new place. I don't have some woman to run to to hide the pain.
  16. Hey all, I was wondering if any of the other females here have trouble having an orgasm? I didn't have my first one till after my first child.. i was literally 22 and it was so intense and magical i was almost addicted to doing it every night lol. but after i met my husband, i found an issue... he's able to make me go when he fingers me but not through regular sex or when he go's down on me... now i'm 26 now.. literally just turned the 7th of july, and i have issues with my weight.. i literally have to eliminate so much food i would have to be a vegan to lose weight, and i am mobile a
  17. So I'm sitting at Paneras when a man and woman sit next to me. The man announces to the woman that as of today, he's lost 35 pounds in 10 weeks from exercise alone, but now he's going to start eliminating calories and the weight should really come off then. He then took a bite of his Salad. What did the lady say in response? I'm paraphrasing but this is close....She told him that at age 48, the damage to his heart has already been done, that the plaque on his arteries isn't going anywhere and it's been building up for the past 25 years of his life as an obese person. And how making changes now
  18. I am feeling dizzy and I have blurry vision after not eating for 14 days. I want to lose weight so I decided to do a water fast for 30 days. Can you recommend some pill to take to make me feel a little better? I d'ont want to eat until I reach my goal. I've seen people on youtube that did 30 days easily. PS: I'm a male
  19. I always kinda tease my bf about his weight, nothing major and not that often. But lately, I have resolved to lose weight, about fifteen pounds. I really would like him to try to lose weight too. But I don't think it interests him that much. He is overweight though, he's 5'9" and over 200 pounds for sure. I just want him to TRY to eat healthier, not even exercise, just eat healthy. When I told him that he said that he eats healthy cereal in the morning and that I'm not always around him when he eats. But when I go over to his place on the weekends, I see fresh pizza boxes and him and his broth
  20. So i'm like 20 yrs old and i am pretty big into working out and being healthy and all..but there's something that i don't get, and it pisses me off!! I work out A LOT. and i eat healthy for the most part, and I always have since high school. i'm just an athlete i suppose, but like 99% of girls in America I am not super happy w/ my weight. I mean my friends and everyone tells me that i look fine/normal but of course i don't see myself that way. I am pretty toned but i just can't seem to lose my GUT!!! Anywho, what makes me so mad is that like i see like ppl lose TONS of weight who are like a lo
  21. So I've lost over 40lbs in 4 months. I lost the first 20 pounds or so right after breaking up with my ex and then shortly after being involved in a serious car accident. Wasn't the best way to lose weight as I basically lived on chicken soup and Jack Daniels for 6 weeks. After I got myself back together again I started eating properly - cut out all the sugar and bad stuff and started swimming/ running and going to the gym. I'm very proud of what I've achieved but my weight loss has kind of hit a wall a bit and I still want to lose another 14lbs or so. I go to the gym 4 times a w
  22. Basically when you bring up the topic of weight loss to a friend and the friend gives you advice, you then get upset. This girl brought up the topic, said she wanted to lose weight and when I gave her good advice (or what I thought was good advice) she got mad and is now ignoring me. It's starting to drive me crazy.
  23. exactly as the title says, I've heard many fitness gurus and forums tell me that strength training is a great way to build lean muscle mass and lose weight. I would like to strength train, but i don't know where to start. I don't know of any gyms near me, nor do I know if I'd be allowed to use their equipment without a membership. I know the basics to weight lifting (I learned it through P.E. class of my freshman year), and I think I'd know what to do if I was simply in the right environment with the right equipment, I just don't know how to access it.
  24. I'm already really fit, I exercise 8.5 hours a week. 1 hour 15 mins of taekwondo on Tues and Thurs, 4 hours of badminton on Sat, and 2 hours of badminton on Sunday. I exercise so much that I'm sore almost 24/7. But I am not losing weight or burning fat?? I am also eating at a calorie deficit but it has been almost a month, and I see no change. Am I doing something wrong?
  25. When I first met her several months ago, she was a bit overweight and though it bothered me a little bit, I really liked her and wanted to see how it went. We went out for a bit and we found out we have a lot in common, we get along really well and are pretty much perfect for each other... Fast forward 5 months, we are planning on moving in to a new place together... And I don't know that it's a great idea to begin with, but that's not really the issue. She has mentioned she was going to work out more and try and lose weight, and I know she is self conscious/uncomfortable with herself. But
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