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OK, to Water-Bra or not to Water-Bra? Not the typical...

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Ont he first day of school, i'm embarrassed to admit, I wore a water-bra.


And now, afraid that somebody would notice my boobs shrinking, i'm continueing to wear it.


But its getting annoying, i'd rather stop wearing it, but i don't want any weird rumors getting started. (which they probably will)


so... what do i do?

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Coming from a guy, At least my point of view, Breast size is MORE appealing when somewhat small, WOMEN DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE BIG BOOBIES TO LOOK SEXY, in fact i find girls with a petite/small body, with a slim profile, to be more sexy if there breast are not BOOM!!! you know...looking almost fake....lol ok any guy who agrees with me just say "ditto"

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Is there any way you can change gradually from the water bra size to normal bra size gradually, say over a two week period? Then people may not really notice at all.


Either that, or wear loose fitting clothing, or baggy sweaters for a while. Again, it won't be as noticeable.

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Hello there,


I understand you've been wearing a water bra and now you want to go back to a regular one, but you're afraid of what people will think.


To tell you the truth, people probably won't notice because breasts can appear smaller or larger depending on what kind of clothes you wear. I've had this happen to me on a daily basis. It depends on the cut of a shirt, how tight or loose it is, things of that nature. If the bra is that uncomfortable or if you're tired of wearing it, then just stop wearing it. Women wear different bras every day sometimes, it's not a big deal. I think you're just a little too worried about what other people think.


I hope this helped you a bit. Best wishes!

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i agree with every one else, wear what you want to wear & don't worry about what others might be saying. even if they do start rumors, who really cares? it will stop in a couple days when every one gets bored of the same rumor & moves on to the next. Thats what happens with every rumor. i doubt people will really notice any way. you could always try wearing baggy sweatshirts with out the water bra for a couple of days & then every no one will even remember how "big" you were before.

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I wear different bras almost every day, when I feel crappy and lazy I wear my non underwire, aint "helpin" anything comfy bra, I have my white utilitarian for normal days, and days when I have something special going on or just want to look extra cute, I bust out w/ the pushup!


Also maybe you could look into buying a bra that is kind of "inbetween" like a regular wonderbra, that way it will probably be more comfy (I know w/ the water bra, I am VERY uncomfortable and sweat ALOT! ewww) but still give you a little bit more, and would allow you to "transition" also I think if you start rotating your bras, including the water bra and a push-up w/ your sports bras, etc. nobody will notice except for you.


Also guys aren't going to say anything, your girlfriends will if anything, and just say hehe o yeah I got a bra that does wonders, but isn't very comfy.


Good luck! and remember you are beautiful no matter what size your breasts are!

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Personally big boobs are a thing for me...not to be perverted, i just think they fit in more depending on th esize of the girls body. As long as you are pretty though you should be fine, it isnt like the waterbra added two cup sizes so it wont be too noticeable. I know a gitl that wears several normal bras to give the effect of big boobs, the thing is it looks like her nipples are exploding...lol. She is afraid to change in thr girls locker room b/c she has soooo many straps hangin off...btw i am a guy...i heard the bra thing from my friend that is a girl


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