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MEN: I need advice on how to be good in bed!


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Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to this.


I would imagine that as you are a virgin and you are getting married, it will be an incredibly intimate time for both of you. I would also think that he would be very gentle with you and not expect you to be a wanna be porn starlet with him!!!


In the longer term, it is about communicating pysically what YOU like as well as him communicating what HE likes.


But for this first encounter, i would expect an incredibly intimate, close and gentle experience.


Although, showing that you enjoy him physically, through expressions is always good (assuming it isn't hurting)

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You are not competing with his ex...he chose to marry you, not his ex, so you don't have to go outdo yourself so that he will be more impressed with your bedroom skills. He knows you are a virgin. Let him teach you what he likes...maybe he would prefer it that way and over time you can experiment together. Be yourself...don't think that you have to act like a hooker in bed just to please him.

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Most girls think they have to act like a porn star in bed to make the sex good. I don't think this is the case.


Be passionate -- touch his body, make him feel attractive, kiss him. If you love each other, you should be comfortable enough with each other to do and say most anything.


Communicate -- either before, during, or after. Make each other aware of what you like and don't like, and what - if any - boundaries you have.


Enjoy it -- you don't need to flip him over into a 1000 different positions. Just 1 or 2 positions can be amazing if you're both enjoying it. Let him know in words or actions that you are loving it. That's one of the biggest turn ons.

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So...I'm a virgin getting married soon, and my fiance' is NOT. He was with a girl that was very experienced. I don't wanna suck at it what can I do to make it great?? what do you guys love for a woman to do in bed that maes her great?


Well are you talking wedding night sex, or just getting better in the future?


I think great sex isn't something you can just pull off. You have to practice, and have an open mind. Being good at sex isn't so much what you can do physically, but more what you can do mentally.


Every guy is different, so you'll have to learn what turns him on, and go from there.

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