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  1. I think getting angry about things is okay. How you deal with your anger is something different. If you percieve that someone is being condescending towards you, and you're not sure, you can always ask them what they mean. If you feel like they are talking to you like a child, then let them know that you feel like they are talking to you like a child. As for thinking about yourself, I think its just that time in your life where it's important to focus on yourself, nothing really wrong with that. It's the time where you'll be picking a career, or attending school, or traveling to new places. Raising your IQ, well, IQ means nothing. If you want to smarten up about current events, try reading the news paper, or find a few blogs, or news portals. At the risk of being off topic, lets practice: What's your opinion on the current War in Iraq?
  2. Ouch. What you're asking for isn't much indeed. I also understand the need for spending QT together. Sadly there isn't much of a solution here. It's really either that you accept the situation for what it is (and no fault to you, if you can't--I know I couldn't) or you explain in the simplest of terms: He needs to make this relationship a priority, or your out the door. It's not that you're giving him an ultimatum; you're just letting him have the chance to correct things. Otherwise, it's splitsville. I can imagine this is easier said than done, but it doesn't take much of an imagination to see that things aren't going to change.
  3. I can understand where you're coming from. It's not so much that he's popular, but that he's not really making any time to see you. Have you talked to him about this? If you could have 100% control of the situation, what would you have him do? And, what would be a fair compromise?
  4. A majority of the office jobs out there typically look for a college education. If you want to get into an office environment with a degree, you will likely have to work your way up. My mom (with no college education)( started as a copy-clerk and eventually worked her way up to receptionist/front-desk. It doesn't seem like all that glamorous of a job, but that sort of is indicative of what opportunities having a college presents you.
  5. My understanding is that when someone asks that, what they're really looking for is validation. Sometimes looking for validation is okay, so I'm okay with giving it. They might be asking "Do you still find me beautiful?"
  6. Update: I tendered my resignation. I gave them one weeks notice. Fudge'm if that aint enuff.
  7. How many of you guys have heard this: "Does this outfit make me look fat?"
  8. When I left my previous employer, I gave them 2 weeks. The difference though, is my new employer wants me to start working asap. And considering the substantial raise in pay they offered me, I'm more apt to listen to them. Any smart candidate would tell a potential employer the circumstances with which you left former employers. But, since I like people to take my advice, I will take yours with a comprimise. I will give them *1* week notice for decentcy, and take 1.5 weeks of time off for myself.
  9. In all honesty I never ever ever ever want to work for the people who run my company again. If I find myself later in life in a position to be hired by them I'd rather not.
  10. Haha Jayar. Yeah I was telling my gf the same thing last night. That she needs to say things as directly as possible because I'm a guy, adn I'm dumb. I need things to be spelled out to me. For instance, she said "Oh you don't need to send me flowers for valentines day." So I said "Think carefully about what you're saying. To me, that says I will never ever ever ever ever send you flowers for v-day. Is that what you want?" "No. Send me flowers."
  11. Thats quite a generalization. I wonder if it's because women are taught *not* to be direct with their feelings, in part because of the sexism that still exists in the world. That, a womens needs aren't as important as a mans, thereforeeee she has no right to express her desires bluntly. Of course that's all BS.
  12. Thats good advice. Though, my former employer is a startup, and they probably wont be along for much longer. Either way I'd *NEVER* return here.
  13. Hey everyone. I recently accepted an offer for a new position with a startup, working with a friend of mine. Now, I've got to do the dirty deed of handing in my resignation. It's short and to the point. I only plan to stick around till this friday, because I want to take a few weeks off before I start my new career. I'm just having a hard time; though this is a good move for me, in terms of experience, career, and salary; my current employer is small and is almost like a family. I plan to go to the gym for lunch, then tender my resignation after our team meeting. Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! LIMT
  14. I would be leary. Personally I would not like my gf to be friends with many of her ex's, nor have lots of friends of the opposite sex. I think it's okay to be friends with people of the opposite sex, but like going out to dinner one on one, without inviting you? Or talking on the phone for hours at a time? Not for me.
  15. 1. Not really being impatient. Have you tried to call her, or text her? She could be waiting to see if you call her as a sign of your interest. 2. It depends. She might let you crash with her, or you might have to get yourself a hotel room. 3. No thats not weird. Just know that it *could* complicate things if your brother breaks up with his girlfriend, and you still are dating her. But nothing you shouldn't be able to handle.
  16. I appologize if this comes accross badly, but how does this help the OP with her issue of bringing up her relationship with this guy, with her mother? I'm guessing every point you've mentioned has been repeated to her ad nauseum. While I wouldn't necessarily date someone who is much older than I am, the OP is her own person and we should respect that decision, up until she posts about whether or not we think it's a good idea.
  17. Tell her exactly what you told us. "I want to tell you something, but I've been afraid to because I don't want to lose my relationship with you." If she gives you the okay, reassurance that no matter what you say, she'll still love you and be your mom (which any good parent outta say), then tell her that you are dating this guy. Be honest with her, but I guess be prepared for the worst. Whats the worst she can do? stop talking to you? Eventually she'll come around.
  18. I think you're right; you are old enuff to make your own mistakes. At the same time, I can see why they are upset. Think for a moment if you had a daughter who was 17, and if she had a boyfriend who was 24. Would you be okay with that? Now my bestfriend is 26 dating an 18 year old, and has been dating her since she was 16. I wasn't okay with it, but its not my place. I guess you dating a 24 year old isn't the biggest deal in the world, but still I wouldn't be okay with it.
  19. When you asian americans look in the mirror, do you see an asian person, or do you just see a person? When I look in the mirror I just see myself, no racial identity. It's so weird to think that other people look at me as a race and not as a person.
  20. I'm 100% asian, and never had a problem attracting women of any race--especially korean women. They LOVE me! The trick, if you feel that you are too ethnic, is to take the time to get to know the girls, or rather, give them time to get to know you. Certainly people have perceptions, and stereotypes, so when they see people like us, they think they know everything about us. But once they get to know you as a person, they'll get to know the true you, not the one represented by your exterrior appearance. To me, its about embracing the things that people make fun of us by, and celebrating it. Yes, we have small dong-bones and can't drive, but, we kick everyone's tail in school and generally end up making lots of $$$.
  21. You absolutely did the right thing. By giving him money, people are acting as "enablers," which means they are allowing him to continue to be this way. A HUGE pat on the back for doing the right thing here. It's not easy, but you did the right move!
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