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  1. Hi all, Has anyone recently gotten married in the state of PA? My fiance and I are planning on getting our marriage license tomorrow (Bucks County) but on the court website it states that there is a 3 day waiting period in regards to obtaining the license. "Title 23 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes requires a 3-day waiting period upon applicants' appearance before a Clerk with required documents and fee." Does this mean that we have to come back in 3 days to pick up the license or does it mean that we can't be married within 3 days of filing the application? Any help would b
  2. I agree with everyone above, as much as it hurts, the both of you are very young and I wish I would have listened to others' advice when I was your age. Take the time to heal from whatever you are feeling and get yourself back out there. College really isn't a time when you want to settle. When you are at that point in life, you tend to think you have everything figured out and really it is only the beginning. I would take the time to see other people and learn about yourself and what you want and don't want in a relationship. I understand that she may have had a rough upbringing but that isn'
  3. I agree. Are you being totally honest with yourself?
  4. I don't have much advice to give but I do want to tell you that my dad is pretty much the same way. Works long hours, often loses out on vacation time, and generally doesn't like going on trips and doesn't want to move ever again, whereas my mother is retired and maintains the house and yard, and wants to travel and eventually move. I think it might just be a generational thing. I think when push comes to shove and as he continues to get older, he will give up work. I am not sure what there is that you can do. Maybe if your mom can travel on her own and share some of the things she has experie
  5. 1. When you are talking/answering questions, remember to glance at everyone... don't just focus on one person the whole time 2. Bring enough copies of your resume, cover letters, or other important paperwork that you might need so that everyone can have their own 3. Always prepare questions for yourself to ask at the end of the interview. The more prepared you appear, the more confidence you exude
  6. I have found salary information listed on job websites to be a useful tool in determining how much a position may or may not pay, but in the end I think it is important to remember that it is only a "tool". Some salaries listed can be dependent on location, experience, and the overall nuances of the job itself. I use glassdoor a lot when looking into this sort of thing but don't always believe it to be extremely accurate. If an employer comes out and states what they will be offering you, I always see it in my best interest to negotiate that number a little higher. The number you want and how
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice. I ended up sending him a vague email yesterday asking for us to meet privately before we left the office for the day. We sat down and I gave him my verbal intent to submit my 2 weeks notice and told him that I wanted him to hear it from me in person first. He very much appreciated my honesty and respect to tell him in person. I informed him that my official notice would be in writing as of this morning and I would be emailing him a copy of my two weeks notice with our deputy directors attached. He agreed that it was a good approach. I submitted it this morning
  8. I agree. I want to be as professional about it. I just hope he takes it the right way and doesn't ask why I haven't said anything to him all day about it.
  9. I still do at times, but it is more in a way of, I wonder where their life has taken them and how am I a different person than when I was with them. I don't miss my exes because I was a different person when I was with them and I am happy with who I am now with my current SO.
  10. He could be telling the truth or he could be lying to you. You need to cover yourself. Go to a doctor to get checked up and inform him that you will be doing so. Maybe then you can have a friendly chat and show him the consequences of his actions. I'm a pretty curious individual, and if I ever found myself looking at an escort site, it would be because I'm not just curious, but actually looking for something outside of the relationship (which I would never do to begin with). If he is confident about your relationship, the curiosity factor about looking into escorts wouldn't come into play IMHO
  11. I am grateful that I will be getting married in 59 days!!! and I start a new job in a little over two weeks! ... I'm grateful but stresssssssed out
  12. How long have you two been together prior to getting married? this kind of behavior usually manifests itself pretty early on into a relationship. Has she exhibited behavior like this in the past? any issues with mental illness or medications? I find it hard to believe that a rational person would begin to act this way without some sort of underlying factors at play.
  13. Yes. I have over 3 weeks and my company handbook states will be paid out to me as long as the "departure is in good standing" I also have money in savings to help.
  14. I technically start on August 12th. I need 2 days off between my end date and start date to take care of some personal wedding business so that I don't have to ask for a day or two off right after I start the new job. In essence, I really need to submit my two weeks tomorrow. My last day would be on the 7th.
  15. Hi all, I have a question in regards to submitting my two weeks notice. I recently accepted a new job offer and I am preparing to submit my resignation. I was planning on doing it tomorrow morning however, in talking to my supervisor, he is actually scheduled to be out of town for work tomorrow through the remainder of the week. My SO recommended that I pull him aside at the end of the day today and give him a verbal notice (as a courtesy) that I will be formally submitting my resignation tomorrow. Unfortunately, since he is my direct supervisor and will be out of town, I would have to emai
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