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  1. how could you be so heartless? all the **** you put me thru all these years, when all i wanted was you to show me some respect, you say I don't treat you good, but look at all the F***** up things you did to me. You tore my heart out and ripped it to shreds publicly you h** a** s***. And you want to be thought of as a good person, hahahah you must be kidding me. f u and all your whack a** friends. They're all s**** too you are at the head of the pack. you are an evil b****, that did enough just to keep me around. I hope I can come to my senses and realize how toxic you were. I hope you will regret your choices forever
  2. At what time should i call to confirm? I know she gets off of work at 5p.m..... Should I call around 4?
  3. Asked her to Happy hour for some drinks today. She said, " I would but I have to pick up my sister at the airport today, but how about tomorrow?" I told her, that sounds good!. Will keep you guys updated for anyone thats still following this! lol
  4. Thanks dcl222! She IM'd me today and we talked for about an hour, just random stuff.... I'm still debating whether or not to meet her up this weekend.
  5. thanks for yall's opinions by the way! just trying to get other's perspectives!
  6. I wouldnt even want to get with her right after the break-up, then i would just be the rebound guy. I know i'm in it for the long haul, but i feel like i have some time to spare. And I dont think she would do that to me, because I wouldnt cheat on her numerous times!
  7. another update: i called her to talk about some business stuff, but she didnt pick up. She then called me back, and we talked about that, and then as I was about to hang up she goes, "Heyy, are you going to come out this weekend?" (she is referring to the bachlorette party she is throwing for her friend at the club.) I was like, "well, isn't it going to be all guys?" and she was like, "well, yeahh, but you can bring some boys, and i'll bring the girls." and i didnt want to seem too available, so I told her, that I have a wedding to attend (which I do.), but that I would let her know what I do afterwards. I don't know if she is being friendly or what because this is the second time she has asked me to come out this particular weeeknd. I'm pretty sure her bf won't be there. Just wondering what you guys think? We also started talkin about random stuff, and I was tryin to crack some jokes here and there, which she seemed to warm up to. We ended up having a 30 min conversation. As much as I hate to admit it, when I got off the phone with her, I was pretty giddy...:splat: I guess time will tell what happens next......
  8. Honestly, I don't think they will last, I mean he has cheated on her numerous times. My girl friends that I have confided to, told me that if I show her enough, she will leave him. It's just that she needs the security and has to be sure I would be worth it before she leaves him, because no one wants to be lonely. Who knows, I mean she did invite to an all-girls bachelorette.....which i think is kinda odd considering no guys are going and that I don't even know the bride-to-be. Myabe she wants to hang out and see what can happen from there....??
  9. When two people have an interest in each other, it's not exactly that obvious. Thats why theres a forum for this topic in the first place. If it was so easy, no one would even be stressing about relationships. And about sticking with a bad boyfriend, I've met plent of girls who are stuck in a dead-end relationship, they just need to realize that they can do better. History and comfort is a big deal. Trust me, the types of things she says to me, etc, is not the type of thing you would say to somone if you had NO interest in them at all. You sound bitter dude.
  10. Do you think it's kind of foul to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend already though?
  11. UPDATE: Hey guys, Well I did end up going to happy hour with her. It was her friend, me and her. We had decent convo. I was just teasin her alot, since she had to get up like every 10 mins to use this restroom, so I was making fun of her small bladder, and just dumb stuff....etc.... My cousin joined us later, so i had to sit next to her, and I was like " I dont want to sit next to you, you smell!" hahha...and that was when she hit me. I knew she had been feeling sad and depressed, so when her fren and my cousin were in a conversation, I made eye contact with her and asked " So how are you feeling? are you ok?"....and we just caught eye contact and she was like, "yeahh, i'm okay"...its prob my mind playing tricks on me, but I felt some kind of attachment the way she looked back and answered. I then made fun of her and was like "don't you got a curfew? your boyfriend will get mad at you." and she was like, "No, he's not like that, but i wish sometimes he would you know, show he cares..." and i just said sounds good, lets drink to that...and we all cheers and drank. I think her body language was good, her legs were crossed with her foot pointing towards me....i dont know how much that means. I paid the tab for everyone, even when she said that she was going to pay. And I told her with a smile, "well since, you are hitten me up for drinks, its only right I pay." On the way out, I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to her car, but she was like, "No, it's okay, I'm fine." I'm retarded. I should have just walked her to her car instead of asked her!. Doh! Besides it was weird with her guy friend there also......But yeah when I got home, we both got online, and she was like, "I missed laughing like that,..... good friends, good company, good times!"....I was just like yeah, it was good to see ya again. Anyways, when her b-day came up, I sent her an e-card that said "Happy birthday Grandma!" Our inside joke is that she is a grandma cuz she doesn't party as much as she used too..etc. She just e-mailed me back a very simple response and said, "haha i opened it and at first i was like grandma??!?, but then i got it dork. Thanks for the wishes =)" I've been pretty busy lately, and also somewhat tryin to avoid her so that she can think/wonder/miss me, I dont want to be so seemingly available...we'll see how it goes.... also, she does have a boyfriend, so we'll see what happenes still....=T And whats weird is she is throwing a bachelorette party for her fren next weekend at a club, and invited me to go over the phone....and i was like, "uhh, aint it going to be all girls?" and she was like "yes, but you can bring your friends, and it will be boys and girls." Does this mean anything guys? I don't even know any of the girls at the bachelorette party except for her. So I'm thinking she wants to hang out? I'm thinking this is a good thing, cuz her boyfriend almost certainly won't be there, maybe this is my chance to show her more, spend time with her.... I also think that telling her straight up is out of the question unless I hang out with her a few more times, and show her more of what kind of person I am, etc.... I dont think she will leave her bf without me showing her enough of what I can offer!
  12. You got her where you want her. Make a move before you fall in the friend-zone buddy! Every girl likes a guy that can make her laugh!
  13. Orlander, You sound like me, only 9 years older. I totally feel everything you just wrote, except I never wrote my exes poem, although I know I am superior in intelligence to her now husband. I also told her the same things you did, about walking on the side of traffic. My ex got pregnant from her new man, which led them to get married. And I always had the same feelings of regret that you did. I wish I had shown her more when I had the chance. I honestly don't think you ever really get over it, you kind of just grow numb to it. For so long I've had so many thoughts, but reading your last post is as close to putting those words in writing as I will ever be able to see.
  14. she likes you buddy, do what you gotta do now!
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