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  1. i do agree with you guys. But u see im only 29 and this is my second wife already. I just wanted to make it work. I try so my best and i do really love her. Never even spoken to other women. It really puts me down. I remember that my family told me. Please son make it work this time. Your not getting younger. Man why cant a woman just love me?
  2. So i will never find out the truth? I cant just move on , love her alot. But i also know that i will be paranoid.
  3. Why i knew she and him are same country. Cause there were 2 messages. And why i looked in the phone is because i woke up from a phonecall , she forgot her phone. So i looked who it was. Could have been important. I confronted her but she says there is nothing going on.
  4. Humnn i dont know how to find out if she is cheating or not. At the moment i feel like going home and wana make her tell me it. But i know she wont tell me anything. I really dont know what to do now. Im hoping that he phones again and she forgets to erase the number so i can call it, maybe that guy can tell me whats going on...
  5. She sayt to me, that she knew i was gona be upset if she told me bout him harrasing her. I asked her how does he have your number? She sayt i dont know, i never met the guy. All the calls have been made while i was at work. Its even more difficult for me cause even if he would call when im at home , they talk diffrent languas then me. And what i find kinda really strange, if she dont know him, he is from same country ?? And he wrote: Sleep well , love you. So how he knows shes gona sleep at that time?
  6. Hello everyone, At the moment im at work and its driving me insane about my home life. This morning when i looked in my wifes phone, there were messages with , sleep well, i love you. Also i looked in call register and i see long phone calls from this number. When i asked her about it , she sayt : Its someone whos harrasing me. But ini my mind i think.. why he calls u everyday?? Why for so long conversations?? If he harrases u why dont just pick up?... When i asked her later that day, give me your phone, i want to check the number to phone him up. She erased all the numbers, sayt to me.. sorry i erased them all .. i dont need those numbers. Serious im now at work, i need to do a job but i cant concentrate anymore.
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