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  1. it's the little things. when he thinks I'm sleeping, i'm really not. and i'm awake and fully aware when he covers me all the way up in the morning with the blankets when he leaves for work. and how he carries me to bed and softly kisses my shoulder in the morning. he thinks i'm sleeping... but he continues to do it anyway. him getting pleasure simply because i'm in his company is the romantic thing he does for me. it is selfish and yet selfless. because he thinks i'm sleeping, he doesn't do it at all to show me something (be that he is a romantic man or whatever). he's kissing me in my sleep because he's happy i'm there. and he's not trying to prove it... it just is what it is. but it's everything. mmm i do miss him. living 350 miles apart sucks. but hopefully i will be seeing him in 11 days! i have not seen his wonderful face in over 3 weeks.
  2. He can't tell me the exact moment he fell in love with me. I can't tell him the exact moment I fell in love with him! But he had been in love with me for a long time before he told me... and once I told me, I reciprocated because I had also loved him for a long time! I knew the exact moment I thought "hey, I think I have a crush on him". I was in my dorm room, trying on a dress to go to a military ball with my ex (even at the time we were ex's, but he needed a date for his military ball and we were friends, so it was cool). But as I stared at the mirror at this really beautiful gown I was wearing, and getting ready, I was thinking of this other guy (my current bf!). I knew at that moment I liked him... but not the moment I fell in love with him. Falling in love was something that happened really gradually. It works for us!
  3. Oh party time I love this thread It reminds me of most of the things I love and adore about the man I love and adore! He's so great, and understands me on so many levels. We're strange people, in our thoughts. Not bad strange, but a really unique combination of traits (we share this unique combination, for the most part) that I'm sure it'd be hard to find a match anywhere near the one we have now. We think a lot alike, our morals are along the same lines, as well as our opinions. But we also take time for one another and we adjust to one another... it's not like we perfectly fit. We sometimes have to swallow our words/actions and make ourselves fit. He gets me. And even when I get a little psycho, he doesn't ignore me. He brings me back to normalcy and works with me through the little kinks in my personality (i reciprocate, btw... I make him a human being with like... feelings and everything) I'm so completely in love with him (and he's in love with me too... I'm reminded daily of it). He holds me close at night, he rubs my face really gently with his hand when I fall asleep in his lap while watching tv on the couch (and drooling, I might add). And then denies knowing I drool such a bad liar. He kisses me passionately, and when he carries me off to bed, it's the most amazing feeling. One of my favorite feelings is when, unexpectedly, he slowly inches his hand toward mine and gently locks his fingers with my fingers for really no reason at all. Just out of the blue. It's the little affectionate things that really let me know he loves me, wants to keep loving me, and that I truly am the luckiest.
  4. Well Wilhelm, maybe it's just the type of person you are! But in my opinion, if you have feelings for someone, you should express them. Maybe not in a grand way, but at least hint at it. And then if she feels the same way, she'll respond in a way that hints at liking you etc. The guy I'm with, like I said, were really close for 1.5 years. I get excitment from him just from being around him. We can be laying on the couch watching the basketball, and it's a thrill and a joy just to be wrapped in his arms. It's true, he told me he loved me first. I don't see why that's a problem for the guy to say it first; seeing as in this society, a lot of women tell their guys they love them, and the guys get all scared an nervous and back off/out. But we click (which is good becaue we're kind of weird people ). I tell him how much he means to me, and he does the same! Mostly everything in the relationship is mutual, including the sharing of compliments. I can't forsee me staying very long in a relationship with someone who shows no interest (as you seem to be saying). Maybe you just haven't met that right girl yet Also, body language isn't something planned that you need to work out. It's something that we automatically do. You can control it (on some minimal level) if you so choose. But it's something that happens subconsciously. Body language does give off clues; it's fact, actually. The fact that you feel like controlling your body language is also clue to something!
  5. Oh man, she's definitely into you. I know you said you'd make your move, so let us know how it goes! Sounds like you two mutually like one another... how awesome is that?! Congrats!
  6. Isn't that kind of boring? I know I'm not the perfect example (since I didn't come out and tell my guy I loved him), but he took a big risk (since we weren't even dating!) in telling me that he loved me. And part of the reason I love him is because he trusted that the situation (whether I loved him back or not) would turn out fine; that no matter what my answer or feelings were, things weren't going to turn bad (he said this to me). the greater the risk the greater the reward, as they say. where's the excitement if you take no risk? the other person having to be clear they like you is a huge risk on their behalf. put yourself in that person's shoes... you'd have to clearly express your love for someone who won't express any feeling for you. I've really never heard of that working out... you both take a risk in expressing feelings incrementally, if even only that. Consider that people who do like you may give up because you show no signs of liking them unless they display, without question, their feelings for you. That's pretty gutsy for that person, and with no indiction from your end, they might decide to back off and try with someone new. If you have feelings for someone too, you might try showing them (subtly) that you like them too. The subtlties (i know that can't possibly be spelled correctly) will grow, and become more obvious, etc etc you two like one another and there's really no question and yay! relationship. Not trying to offend! I'm just saying.
  7. There are some body language characteristics that may add evidence, but shouldn't be completely relied upon. When you're sitting down together, take a look at his arms and hands. If someone has their arms are crossed, they are creating a barrier between you and themselves (ie not good). If his arms are uncrossed, he's open to you. Look at the palms of his hands. Now, it's pretty hard to sit down with your palms facing completely upward, but the placement of the palms is also an indicator of "openness". If his palms are flat on the table, it's not a good sign. but if the palms aren't flat (maybe he's resting his hands on the table on the 'outside edge' of his hand). This indicates openness. Does he smile a lot in your presense? When you're speaking to him, where are his eyes? If they're wandering, it's not a good sign. But if he's looking (mostly) directly in your eyes, focusing on what you're saying, he's probably interested. Take a look at his lips when you two first see one another (if you're meeting up or something). Does he smile? (good sign). A less subtle feature is this: do his lips part (slightly) when he first sees you? And maybe coupled with him raising his eyebrows (slightly). This is a classically good sign he's interested! (Obviously, I'm not talking about the first time you two first laid eyes on one another... but the first time he sees you after not seeing you for a period of time). Take notice to where his toes point when standing and speaking to you (but only if he's able to stand how he wishes... aka you're not in an overly crowded elevator or something). If his toes are pointed in your direction, it's a good indication he's interested in you. **We all actually pick up body language clues. This is why I said trust your instincts! Because we unconsciously pick up on these clues and that leads our brain to start to wonder if this person likes us or not.** Also look for other things like him generally enjoying having you as company and perhaps finding excuses to touch you (may put his hand on your shoulder or a similar gesture). These are some general things to keep watch for, but they shouldn't be used as a checklist! Just because one or more isn't happening doesn't mean he doesn't like you! Some people display things just a little bit differently from others. Hope this answers your initial quesiton maybe more to how you thought it would be answered. And also, just watching out for body language is quite fun! I do it with my boyfriend... he shows most of the signs above, but not all of them! And he's in love with me so there's some "proof" that not all have to be there to mean he likes you.
  8. His "I'm in love with you" is what started the relationship! He had been in love with me for 1.5 years. I had been in love with him for 1.5 years. He lives far from me. And at a certain point, wandering around in this town, I knew I didn't want to date anyone but him (and I never thought we'd date... ever!). But I couldn't be with anyone unless it was him. It had felt like that for a while... he felt like that too! Now we're still in our relationship and it's just wonderful.
  9. I was in love with a guy friend of mine. I always wondered if he liked me too... my gut told me "YES, DUH!!" but I still had my own doubts: ie. Is he just being friendly? Are my thoughts confused and I think I'm in love with him when I really just like him as a person? Then one chilly February 2007 Sunday afternoon, he came out and told me he was in love with me He had been in love with me for about a year (just about as much time as I was in love with him). I wasn't brave enough to say it, but I'm glad he was! I know it's lame, but trust your instincts If he's likes you back, no problem! If he's really that good of a friend, he won't freak out and leave. My guy knew that even if I said I wasn't in love with him, we'd still be great friends... if not even greater, now that the true feelings were out. good luck and if you have an inkling that things will be okay, tell him how you feel!
  10. aww tfk! exciting! my boyfriend gave me a choice for our (first!) summer vacation this year: Romania (where he's from) or camping in Alaska! I said Romania, but he said he wanted to go camping in Alaska, so Alaksa it is! It's nice with the whole camping thing. Instead of staying in a hotel with a tv and other entertainment, he wants to go camping where the only entertainment/company he has is me and is excited about it! but yeah. have fun!!!
  11. Actually, Eva, hate to break it to ya, but your bf modeled the song he made up for you based on another song. It's on my iPod... it's called "Pefect Day" by Lou Reed. Ever seen Trainspotting? It's from that movie.
  12. ha, Eva the "friend" part isn't the problem. The "boy" is. Come on, he's nearly 30. He may ACT like he's 16, but he isn't And btw, your tag line from "perfect day"... is there a different version? if so, then I downloaded the boring one with something about a park and a movie... not drugs and bbq's!
  13. Oh I don't think it'll damage it at all! I just don't like "boyfriend" for some reason! Can't really explain why...
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