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Thread: When to get engaged & how long to be engaged

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    My boyfriend and I are practically engaged. But we don't make any official announcements. It's just a matter of when you're ready to. There are no rules as to when to get engaged and how long to be. From what I hear, you've gotta atleast know the person you've been with for atleast a year. It varies. Good luck!

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    Do what feels right...

    So...my story. My boyfriend and soon to be fiance have been engaged before. We were younger (19) and had been friends all through high school. We dated for 5 months (no joke) and bam! we were engaged. I was so excited to have that status! Like you said, almost like a higher form of dating. Needless to say, neither sets of parents were ecstatic, however they dealt with it. His parents made us promise to wait for marriage until he was done with school. I was happy with that, 4 years...no big deal, right? Easier said than done. By year 1 1/2 I was going crazy with wedding fever! Nonetheless, we did not marry and after a 4 year relationship, 3 1/2 engaged, we broke up.

    A year and a half later we found each other again, have grown, matured, and learned from our mistakes. He has a ring now (a new one ) and I will be getting it soon (he is horrible at keeping secrets!) We have a preset time period in which we will be getting married, next year about this time which will be a year engagement.

    Okay...so I just rambled my entire story, and if you are still reading I have a point, I PROMISE! When we got engaged before I was so excited the time frame that we had to wait didn't bother me. However, as time dragged on I was so ready for a new phase in life and was getting impatient. Although I learned from those mistakes, I still know I don't have it in myself to not get antsy during a long engagement. I know that we are devoted to each other and that is what matters the most. No ring or title change can effect that. On the other side though, being engaged and using the word fiance is wonderful! It's all up to you and what feels right. You two are devoted to each other already and it doesn't sound like you need a ring to prove that. And also, if you do get engaged be prepared for the one and only question after fawning over the ring, "so when's the wedding?"
    Best wishes

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    Emmarose, I'm not sure if you realise this, but this thread is almost three years old and the OP has since married and has a baby already, lol.

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