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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Successful Relationships: Beyond Two Healed Individuals

    Successful relationships can be an incredibly complex and complicated thing - on the one hand, two people may come together with experiences and perspectives that offer unique ways of seeing and understanding the world; on the other, they may be bogged down by an array of unresolved issues from the past. It is only through mutual trust, acceptance and a safe space for freedom and evolution that any relationship between two people have a chance of making it.

    It isn't the ideal situation where two healed people come together for the perfect relationship, but rather it's about two unhealed people learning to love beyond survival mode. It's about developing understanding and compassion for each other - for the individual things that make us who we are and for what it means to exist in the larger picture of life. Successful relationships rely heavily on the development of mutual respect, which is something that has to be built from the ground up. It doesn't just magically appear out of thin air upon two people meeting!

    Healing and unhealing is something that happens within us all - it is an ever-changing journey of self-discovery and the development of new understandings. It's easy to forget that these two processes co-exist and we must be mindful when building relationships with others. We must stay grounded in our sense of worth and value to help foster healthy boundaries and agreements between the two individuals involved. If someone feels emotionally or mentally disrespected, the unhealthy nature of the relationship could become more difficult to contend with than the gains made.

    When communicating with each other, it is important to remember that both parties have their own unique histories, emotions and outlooks. No two people will ever truly understand one another completely, and this should not be seen as an obstacle to a successful relationship - quite the contrary. It is only when two people accept the beauty of the unknown and learn to embrace the differences that a safe space for freedom and evolution can result.

    This is a process that requires effort, patience and humility from both sides. Listening opens up opportunities that allow healing to occur and can help create an emotional bond between two people. By focusing on building trust and able to forgive, couples can overcome any initial feelings of uncertainty and discover a level of intimacy and safety that can last a lifetime. In order to secure a successful and loving bond, it is important to invest in the relationship and find ways to show appreciation for each other.

    Successful relationships aren't about two healed people coming together to have the perfect romance. Rather, it's about two unhealed people learning to love beyond survival mode and trusting each other enough to accept and tolerate their own set of brokenness. When combined with mutual respect and the commitment to embark on an incredible journey towards freedom and evolution, a blissful relationship can be found.

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