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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Roommates Breaking Into Your Room: Should You Confront Them?

    The room often times feel like the most shield and safe place a person can have. It's where one can reduce their stress, relax, and recuperate from the travails of life. With that said, it can also provoke anxiety when a college student's roommates wreak havoc on that peace. It can be especially disheartening when these people break into the room without permission, leaving scattered mess and a lingering sense of uneasiness.

    What can you do when your roommates are violating your privacy in this way? How can you make sure that it stops? Should you confront them?

    One common reaction many college students have is to attempt to keep their roommates from entering the room. This could involve placing locks on doors, blocking entrances, or even leaving things inside that might serve as an obstacle. Although this could seem like a reliable solution, the issue unique to college living makes this difficult. Most dorms are communal living spaces and having to go to great lengths to keep people out may result in a strained relationship and possibly invite more mischief.

    At this point, it's important to assess whether the intrusions are malicious or simply innocent. If they are intentional and/or happen with regularity, then you should consider confronting them directly. Make sure there are no emotions clouding your judgement and provide honest and straightforward feedback to explain why this behavior is unacceptable. Clearly state what you agree upon in order to prevent any further intrusions.

    If the incident appears to be accidental or the trespassing was done by mistake, acknowledge the situation and let your roommates know that their actions were improper. While you don't necessarily need to be confrontational in this case, it's still important to make your feelings known. A simple reminder that the rules of shared living are in place for a reason should suffice.

    Furthermore, if other people are involved (multi-occupancy dorms, mutual friends, etc.) bring up the incident and be sure that they also understand why it's wrong. Speak up before it becomes a habit.

    No matter the circumstance, it is essential that your roommates understand that the privacy of your room must be respected. Learning how to live together is an important part of the college experience, so developing trust goes a long way. That being said, communication is key and there is no harm in talking things out.

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