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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Manipulation Red Flags: 10 Signs You Have a Master Manipulator in Your Life

    Do you suspect that someone in your life is an expert at controlling and taking advantage of others? Are you constantly on edge, feeling manipulated and anxious? Master manipulators often have an incredible ability to make people do what they want without them ever knowing. Learning to recognize when you are being emotionally manipulated can help you protect yourself from any further exploitation or harm. Here are ten reliable signs that you have a master manipulator in your life:

    1. They are overly charming. People who move through life constantly manipulating and exploiting others must remain likable in order to achieve their goals. If the person you are dealing with is always sweet and smiling, but you have a strange nagging feeling about it; this could be a sign of a master manipulator.

    2. They always seem to know the right words to say, and how to say them. Do you feel drawn to someone who is seemingly able to read your mind and give the perfect response? If they appear to know exactly what buttons to push, this can be an indication that they're engaged in a more sinister form of psychological control.

    3. They do not take "No" for an answer. The hallmark sign of a master manipulator is that they will not accept rejection. While most people may respect boundaries, a manipulator will continue pushing until they get their way.

    4. They are hypersensitive and wallow in their own victimhood. The person in question may become overly upset if asked to face reality or be held accountable for their behavior. This is their way of avoiding responsibility, focusing all attention on themselves and their own experiences, and donning the role of the victim.

    5. They have a knack for making you doubt yourself. A master manipulator without fail protests too much, leaving you in doubt as to just what is actually being said. It is an easy way for them to twist situations to their own advantage and masking their complete control over you.

    6. They may resort to guilt tripping. Manipulators possess a skillful way of making their target feel guilty and to blame in order to get the upper hand in any disagreements. If a person is trying make you feel guilty when you express concerns or reject them, this can be a sign that you should take a wider step back and analyze what is really going on.

    7. They may lie about their true intentions. Although we are aware of the saying "actions speak louder than words", master manipulators are clever enough to hide their true intentions behind lies. They may mislead or distort the truth in order to avoid accountability, so they can maintain their manipulative hold on you.

    8. They rely heavily on flattery. A master manipulator often uses flattery to lower your defenses and blind you to their real intentions. Showering you with compliments can make you favor their point of recognition and accept their demands even though they are not always in your best interest.

    9. They may criticize and belittle you. Master manipulators can also use criticisms and belittling comments to instill a sense of insecurity in you, so they can control your actions and ensure they only serve their self-interests.

    10. They are controlling. Maniputation also means attempt to manage or control someone. The master manipulator might try controlling conversations or decisions to achieve their devious ends.

    If any of these anti-social behaviours ring a bell; it might be time to pay attention and watch out for yourself. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of by a master manipulator any longer. Take action now before it's too late.

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