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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    How do you know if your partner is right for you in the long term?

    When two people enter a relationship, each of them hopes for it to last for a long time. But how do you know if your partner is truly The One?

    It can be hard to make this distinction, especially in the initial stages of the relationship. We may think that our current partner is the one, but over time doubts might arise.

    One way to figure this out is to see if they make you feel like you are in a safe and secure relationship. People who are right for each other should have a strong understanding and support for each other. Both parties should work to keep the spark alive and have dedication for their relationship. This would mean that both partners are creative and make an effort to find new ways to nurture the relationship and make it stronger.

    You should also check that your fundamental values match up. It could be your core beliefs or the philosophies you want to abide by. Your partner should understand and accept these views and enable you to grow according to them. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that the same level of intimacy is present in the relationship, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional. This would ensure that you feel connected with your partner.

    It is important to pay attention to your gut feeling and intuition. If you have nagging thoughts or a feeling that something is wrong, then it is possible that your partner might not be right for you. Listen to these thoughts carefully, instead of ignoring them or trusting only your emotions.

    Take a step back and assess yourself and your partner. Does this line up with your overall vision for your relationship? Do you see yourself being with your partner in 5, 10 or even 20 years down the line? If the answer is yes and it brings positive energy, then this could be a sign that your partner is the right one.

    It is important to remember that the decision ultimately lies in your hands. As long as you are paying attention to your feelings and intuitions and making sure that necessary checks are in place, you should be able to make a decision for yourself. Know that you deserve to be with true love, so make sure you make a choice that reflects that.

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