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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Liberate Your Career: Power of Resign-Ability

    Do you feel like you're in an endless cycle, day after day - going through the motions, without any meaning or progress in your career? As much as we all want to keep striving for success, many of us feel stuck and trapped in our jobs. The decision to move on from a reliable income, fear of uncertainty, difficulty in building new relationships, or lack of opportunities can create great hesitation when it comes to resigning from a job. However, understanding how to hone your resign-ability can empower you to break the cycle for betterment and self-growth.

    Resigning is not always about running away from something, but instead should be seen as a form of self-liberation as you move forward in your career. Investing time in developing options and plotting long-term exit strategies helps to enable productive thinking and actions, reducing the stress of feeling you are running out of time. When resigning, you have the power to choose which direction to go and what goals you want to work towards. Thoughtfully transitioning from one role to another provides you with a unique opportunity to reflect and gain clarity on your strengths, passions and long-term vision.

    Sometimes, there is a pessimistic belief that resignation implies defeat and history views those who failed to meet their goals as more likely to resign. In fact, it can be quite the opposite – having the courage to create changes in your life often leads to greater career opportunities and boosts confidence in yourself. Having the ability to strategically leave a role can also improve the likelihood of maintaining relationships, as you have demonstrated your respect and strong communication skills through timely conversation and negotiation.

    Focus on unwavering resilience during the resignation process to achieve relentless possessions, such as improved work-life balance and new career prospects. You will face hardships, but by understanding the potential risks ahead of time and staying committed to your objectives, you can stay open to all possibilities and will be less likely to suffer setbacks due to hasty, unprepared decisions. Remember to stay positive about the change and view it as an exciting opportunity to tackle new challenges.

    Having the courage to consciously resign from a role can be intimidating and overwhelming, but taking the time to evaluate and value yourself is essential. Remember to never settle for anything less than your top beliefs and passions for your career. Believe in yourself and by honing your resign-ability, you will give yourself the freedom to reach success and make further progress.

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