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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    How Can I Stop Missing Someone?

    You had a meaningful relationship with someone, and things ended for whatever reason. You're struggling to accept that things don't work out and you miss him each day. While you shouldn't deny your feelings and should try to work through them, you can't seem to stop feeling this way.

    It's been months since things ended but the sadness still lingers on. You replay the good moments you shared over and over again in your head and the pain only seems to get worse. The heartache is too much to bear and loneliness has become a part of your everyday life. You can't seem to shake it and it's hard to move forward.

    Walking away from someone you love was never an easy choice to make. And now, all you're left with is a deep sense of pain and longing. Even if it's for the best, it still hurts to be apart. What makes it even more difficult is the times you thought about giving it another try or when you're met with old reminders of the person.

    You struggle with accepting that it's over and resist letting go of all the memories. You've been trying your best to come out of this situation but it's taking its toll on you. All these heavy emotions are overwhelming, and it's natural to feel like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. But the truth is, there is.

    When moving on from someone you've loved is a must, it can often become a tremendous feat. You feel like you've given it all you got, and yet, there's still this aching feeling of wanting them back in your life. With these intense emotions, it's hard to move forward and take control of the situation. However, if you want better days ahead, it's important that you take the time and effort to heal.

    First off, do not think for one second that your feelings are wrong. It's completely normal to miss the person you shared so many memories with. Ever-present reminders can also increase your distress – you don't need to let that happen. It's time to distance yourself from anything that will make you relive the memories. Compartmentalize your feelings and memories, allowing yourself to remember them without getting overwhelmed.

    It's natural to wallow in the aftermath, but you can't let the loss consume you. Don't force yourself to forget, just feel the sorrow and emptiness then try to distract yourself. Take friends and family up on offers of company and interaction. Keeping yourself busy is key to battling the feeling of missing this special someone in your life.

    The journey to recovery doesn't stop there. Accept that you've both made the right decision, despite what it feels now. Get rid of regrets and anger – it will not help and it will only cloud your judgment. Instead, shift your focus to yourself and the possibilities open to you. Remember that new doors of opportunities are waiting for you.

    Enjoy the freedom. Let the healing come naturally and have faith that the future will only be brighter without the worries of a past tragedy. Believe that you will come out of this stronger and wiser, eventually discovering a newfound reality that you've been missing all along.

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