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seeing this new girl...need ideas pls


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So I just started seeing this new girl. She works with me actually. I invited her to a party and she said yes, after having quite abit to drink she and I make out and talk forever. The next day we both couldnt stop smiling at eachother at work. We go out again that night for icecream and talked forever, just getting to know eachother more. She asks me to call her that night and I do, we make plans for the next day. The next day I pick her up and her and I go to some pet store and look at dogs (I couldnt only be with her for about 2 hours). I have plans to go to the movies with her, possibly dinner too. I'm trying not to rush this one, but I want to also see where it leads. Any good date ideas?

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a nice walk in the forest is always nice

go to an ammusment park or something fun

activities where you can really get to know her and show your good side.


I generally leave movie dates till later after getting to know them a lot more, building the emotional closeness, movies arn't great for talking, but are great at a later stage when you want to start cuddling and enjoying silent time together.

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I think its going great....but you guys are pushing it too much. Batya who post here, once made a post about how when you first start seeing someone, you should integrate them slowly into your life. I agree. Give each other time to miss one another. It sounds like you see her everyday and then talk to her afterwards as well....

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no amusement parks near by, no music festivals either, the city we leave in is really boring and theres absolutely nothing here, no forrests, no standup comedy's.


basically we live in a college town and theres nothing to do it seems cept party. thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming please


other ideas people have told me is bowling and pool

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