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Complete mummies boy!!


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Ok, my boyfriend has gone away to his parents, for his 25th birthday, fair enough cos he lives like 2 hours away from them... he needs to go see them once in a while.

I just have a complete problem with the fact that what his mother says he does, i mean hes 25 for God's sake!

He rang me friday night, when he was at my dads, for like half an hour, and that was good, seeing as it was the first time id heard from him since he left, other than a few texts not really saying much, but tonight, hes at his mums, and he rings me for 5 minutes on my mobile, and when i tell him ring back on the landline cos my phones all screwy, he tells me, well ill not be on for long anyway cos i wanna go talk to my mum. So i turned around and said, well just go then... and the complete idiot did, he just well... went.

Had a couple of texts from him over the next hour, and then it was all quiet for like 2 hours, till i text him saying stop ignoring your girlfriend, and he said he was tired and sleepy, so what, that means u cant type out a few letters on a mobile phone?!

Thing that gets me is that i went away to see a friend not long ago, and he asked me to ring him and text him every night, and so... well i did, but this is a whole other ball game for him, its like he can be all uncaring and not give a heap of stuff about me, but if i dare not care about him, God forbid it!!

Im just sick of running around after him, cos he text me today saying "no texts while your at work?" he knows i can take my phone down onto the shop floor with me, so what does he expect, it all depends when i get my break!

On my birthday he was constantly texting me asking when i was gonna be back home, thing is, i was in a day spa with my mum, only about half an hour away... and i had to run around between 2 cities on my birthday!

I mean the man didnt even take my present away with him!!

I just dont know what to do, i think he loves the companionship i give him, and the fact that once in a while, he can get laid, but again, thats totally down to him, its not when i want it, its when he wants it, which is once a week cos he spends the rest of the week masterbating!!


Someone help me, please!!

x x x

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Hmmm, sounds like you feel kind of put out right now with your boyfriend. Maybe you need to balance out your feelings a bit with some positive thoughts/statements about your relationship.


What are your favorite things about your boyfriend?

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I am not sure why you have a problem that he wants to talk to his mother when he doesn't get to see her that often. Maybe it was the first time that he had an opportunity for a quiet conversation with her. I think it a mistake to turn this into some sort of competition with his mother for his attention because even if you win you lose. It's not as if he didn't talk to you at all - it was just not as long as you thought he should. His mother, on the other hand, may have thought 'why did he bother coming home if he is going to spend so much of his time talking to his girlfriend?'


Unless there are a lot more instances of him behaving like this I think it unfair and unwise to call him a mummy's boy. How a man treats his mother is often a good indicator of how he will treat other women in his life.

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lil...If he's hit you in the past, then you have bigger issues than your perception of him being a "mummies boy". You have an abuser for a boyfriend and staying with someone who is going to hit you makes not one iota of sense! I'd say that, while he's away, take the opportunity to change your # and cut all ties.


Use this website and the forum within it to gain help and support from some others in your situation... link removed

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considering hes hit me in the past, and regularly talks to his mum on the phone like shes trash, yeah, great indicator isnt it?!

I would not say it's a 'great' indicator. But I do think it is a strong indicator that you should immediately leave him. Why are you still with him?

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I HATE it when I am with my parents and my gf acts like she's just lost a war. It puts me in a REAL bad position because it makes my gf look needy and demanding to my parents, esp. since I don't see my parents that often, and their attitude is rightly that "you live with her all year, so is it too much to ask for your attention when you are visiting us"


I'm telling you that for future reference, since it seems like your current relationship is not meant to be.

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