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Make my move? I'm not fluent in "girl."

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Not to mention that I'm a wonderfully insecure person.


I've not had anything going on with a girl for a couple of years because I had a rough time with another girl I'd been with for three years and to be truthful I just haven't even bothered for a couple of reasons: fear of rejection and honesty not being bothered with pursuing a relationship.


Until this girl showed up.


So I actually bother and ask her to drinks a movie, that goes down, we have a good time, I get a kiss on the cheek as I drop her off.


We hang out another time wandering around the city, I drop her off and her dad's in the driveway and I just get a hug.


We hang out, see another movie, I get a kiss on the cheek upon dropping her off. She's insisted we hang out in the city again and wants to come by my place to watch movies one night.


We're both shy quiet people but seem to let all of that B.S. down when around one another. We have similar personalities, actually talk a lot, laugh, all that stuff.


I'm pretty sure then that I'm clear to go in for that dreaded first kiss, especially since she suggested she come by my place anyway but I'm honestly not sure and the fact that it's been years since I've actually liked a girl enough to even consider anything with her is weird for me right now.


She said we've got a cool connection. I concur.


She also smells really good, if that counts for anything, but don't all girls?

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I'm not really sure where the question was in all that anyways...


Not all girls smell good, thats a definite plus, a bonus if you will


If I were you, I'd make a move, not that I have the slightest idea what that move would be. It seems she has rolled the proverbial red-carpet for you.


Best of luck.



PS. It don't matter how old the girl is, watch out for her pa.

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Hung out tonight, nothing happened while watching movies, dropped her off, just got a hug, drove half way home and then reversed course, called her down from her balcony, let her know my feelings,she said she had the same one, I planted a sweet little one on her lips, came home, now I can't sleep.



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Hey weird01,

Sounds like you missed the first oppertunity but dont sweat it there will be others, maybe you can try get closer to her like snuggling up with her and watching the movie. Playfully touch her skin with your nose and when she asks what are you doing tell her you love the way she smells.

Good Luck

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