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My boyfriend and I have been togethe for 7 years. I thought we would be married by now. It has gotten so bad in the past year...I don't know what happen. He is so disrespectful to me, lies to my face, screws me over and just don't understand why. He started hanging out with his boss alot and I believe alot of his actions come from him. His boss just had a baby with his girlfriend but has about a million different women on the side. His boss goes to the bar and drinks after work instead of going home to his girlfriend and baby. Ever since my boyfriedn has been hanging out with him it has been horrible. He had an engagement ring designed for me about 6 months ago...i thought we would be engaged by now but instead we aren't even speaking. Over the weekend he was disrespectful and wanted to do what he wanted so he want to a co workers party Sat nigh and never came home unitl 9 sun night. We don't live together but his mom called me b/c he had called her to let his dogs out saying that he had to work late sat night...when she saw that he hadn't returned sun she called me very upset. She had been calling him all day sun and no answer. I tried calling him with no answer either. Finally around 9 sun night she called his boss who told her he would find out where he was. He immediately called her back and said he was 30 min from where he lives. Kind of odd that he wouldn't answer the phone for us but would anser for him. He finally called me that night and just said that he had to go out of town for work and that was it. He would not explain why he wouldn't answer the phone. i hung up and haven't talked to him since. He hasn't called so it must be no big deal to him. I have my suspesions b/c i have found other women's phone numbers and knows he has talked to them. So i don't know what is going on. He says that i b*&^% and nag but it is only b/c of the stuff i have to deal with form him...like the screwing me over, lies and disrespectfullness. I just don't know what went worng and what should i do. I love this man so much but have been in so much pain over him. he says he cares but acts like he doesn't have a care in the world for me.

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I am kind of with Batya on this. If this is really a boss influencing him, what kind of character does he have, and also, how far will this go.


And frankly, the missing all Saturday night to Sunday night tells me that something stinks in his area. You usually don't go missing that long from people who care about you, and respond to the boss, unless you are up to something.

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