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What is an estranged friendship/relationship?

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I can sympathise with you.


What little family I have never get in touch with me unless I initiate it.


If I didn't call at least every so often, I probably wouldn't have heard from them in several years or even a decade or more...


Now, these are cousins so they are not close kin, and we live a few thousand miles apart...but it would be nice to hear from them, so to speak.


Do you live far from them, and are they close kin?


Best wishes.



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Just extended family, cousins, aunt and uncle.. They were never close with me but acted like they were, i thought maybe i should be more friendly. I only saw them on christmas and thanksgiving..I sent emails to them just to say hi, a couple of times never got a reply once, stayed at one of their homes when i was in their town and they could not wait for me to leave. Even tried talking alot and being friendly,, told cousin to call me to let me know what he thinks of a movie i reccommended, he got nervous and said "your phone is always busy"

Never called me for my birthday.

One cousin lives very far,, but the rest all live in my same state.. I decided since they were being so distant why bother with x-mas and thanksgiving? I spent it with people who i talk to and are my friends.. the family got mad at me and i have not heard from anyone since.. I do not plan on calling them or contacting them either.

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Hi again Kriss,


Say, are you sure we don't have the same relatives? (just kidding)


I am doing pretty much the same with mine.


I have made plenty of effort to extend myself and be nice...


Leave em alone, in case I'm "smothering" them by writing once a month. (e-mail)


My phone never rings unless it is a salesman...


Just have to stick with friends and keep a chin up buddy.


See ya' round the threads.



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