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  1. i would never send that,its too desperate.
  2. Just extended family, cousins, aunt and uncle.. They were never close with me but acted like they were, i thought maybe i should be more friendly. I only saw them on christmas and thanksgiving..I sent emails to them just to say hi, a couple of times never got a reply once, stayed at one of their homes when i was in their town and they could not wait for me to leave. Even tried talking alot and being friendly,, told cousin to call me to let me know what he thinks of a movie i reccommended, he got nervous and said "your phone is always busy" Never called me for my birthday. One cousin lives very far,, but the rest all live in my same state.. I decided since they were being so distant why bother with x-mas and thanksgiving? I spent it with people who i talk to and are my friends.. the family got mad at me and i have not heard from anyone since.. I do not plan on calling them or contacting them either.
  3. I am wondering what exaclty an estranged friend/relationship is? My family has not contacted me since 2003 so would you consider that estranged?
  4. It all depends on why the guy is living at home, is a parent old or sick? is he of an ethinc background that does that like the Greeks? Alot of ethinc types like to stay at home, greeks, albanians, etc. my ex was living at home at 29 because he was in grad school paying off a huge loan, his parents had no money.. also i have a friend who lives with his mom because his dad died of cancer and shes very lonely.. If hes doing it because hes a baby or a mooch then in no way is he getting a date. also i know some guy whos 34 and his parents have alot of money and he lives with them,, mocching-- its disgusting.
  5. I think you really should call them,, they sound like they liked you, you have nothing to lose, maybe they feel the same about contacting you.
  6. We were good friends to start out with but it became what she wanted to do and time we met up.. I stopped doing what she wanted, tried to make where we can both agee on meeting. For example, she would say lets see a movie she wants to see.. i would say i saw that already lets see something else, she would say shes busy.. She would say lets get together during the week, i would say how about the weekend since i have no work, she would say she has plans. This went on for about 8 months,, we finally decided on going to a free concert, shes the one who called me about 10 times about it. The day of the show- 1 hour before she called to say shes sick and i wound up going alone. Then she called to invite me to another show-- i just didnt get back to her.... Shadow thanks for the tip on didtheyreadit. thats so awesome, I did like her, not sure if she was having some problems..
  7. I was wondering whats the best way to contact a friend/somebody you are not sure wants NO CONTACT with you because you have not heard from them in awhile? Is it best to email or call them? what do you say?
  8. I have to disagree with women hitting 40. when a woman is in her late 20s to early 30s, she realizes a nice guy is who to be with. It has to take a woman being burned by a bad guy to realize it. I actually feel bad for my friends who married bad guys in their 20s/ their stuck
  9. I came accross an old friend on myspace, not sure if i should contact her. 10 years ago i was roommates with this girl , we had so much in common, we became great friends right away....lots of laughs, crys, hugs,, just good times. she started doing some annoying things like blow dry her hair at 7am while i was sleeping. When i asked her to use the bathroom she was very mad, etc.. Then inviting her friend over when no one was there. She was Greek and would talk in Greek all the time on the phone, i couldnt understand and found it offensive. Well to make a long story short she started being quiet around me and i had to tranfer schools.... The day i left she left me a note saying wishing me luck and at the end she asked if she can have back her cable cord she gave for the tv. I brought the tv for us which cost $200, i let her use it whenever she wanted. So i thought it was rude to ask me in a note for it back. Do you think I could have tried harder to patch things up? or am i just mistaken?
  10. Thanks yea i know you guys are right. What hurts is that he was really into me at one point and i liked him very much, he made me happy im so sad over this.
  11. Well this guy who i had this long distance thing with. I really liked and enjoyed him alot. make a long story short. i told him i would be around where he lives on a certain date and does he want to see me? He says yes 100% and to call as soon as i come out. we always stay in contact and see each other time to time over last 4 years. Then when i am out there i call, leave a message telling him,, dont hear back from him,, i call the next day leave another message on home phone-very casual. dont hear back- next day i just call but dont leave a message.. This was 6 months ago and hes never called back or emailed. I have not contacted him at all since. I know its been a long time but im really destroyed over it, i really thought he liked me. I thought maybe he got busy or was sick but he could have contacted me by now.. i dont know how to get over it..i saw him on myspace but i feel like a fool adding him. I think what he did to me was messed up. He is the type who has alot of girls after him... I saw some comments on his page from girls saying "oh u didnt call me back", or "where have u been",, i just dont want to be disrespected. i feel he disrespected me, am i wrong?
  12. Well first of make sure hes single and not married. Just get to know him, I like older guys, the ones who are successful are more mature, secure, and will take you to nice dates.
  13. It depends on the girl, How old she is, how hot she is.... The younger and hotter the girl, the more she will want to be with a a guy with great looks. The less hot the less important. Also as a girl gets older, the hot ones, over 25, she will care less about a guys looks and look more for stability, career, stuff like that. Just my 2 cents from personal experience.
  14. It looks very very desperate. He will know that you are 100% into him and crushing on him, do you really want him to know that? I would get the # the normal way, or try and find him on myspace, friendster, etc.
  15. I would not go, i can relate. My Mom tries to get me to go to events with her friends who are all gossipers, etc. I used to be a model and very skinny and they would say they feel bad for me because i'm single and my hair is too long- jealous remarks basically. So really no matter how you look people can make up stories about your looks or find fault in you. I dont go with my Mom to any event with her friends, its her friends, her life. Good luck but you know if you go their going to bother you and theres not much you can do once you are there.
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