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dude, wheres my car

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Ok - so someone stole my car. I don't get it. Why are people so freakin messed up in this world??? now i'm flippin stranded, i have no way of getting around, i'm relying on people from work to give me rides and half of my life is in... my car!! And i also have no way of getting to see my bf this weekend... I feel so hopeless. Why does all this crap always happen to me!! My life sucks.

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Yes, report it to the insurance company and they should be able to compensate you in a timely fashion. That is why you have auto insurance, to deal with situations like this, or car accidents.


I had my car broken into and EVERYTHING stolen out of it, the day after I got to CA. Filed police report and reported it to insurance company and got compensation within a week.

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ok my insurance does not cover theft. now i know for next time. already filed a report with the police. its not really the situation thats bugging me - or how i'm going to deal with things, i already have a plan in mind for that. I just feel really violated. Like SOMEONE else is freakin driving around MY car. And the fact that people are so CRUEL and HEARTLESS and STUPID in this world to do things like this. And the police act like its really no big deal.

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Yeah, police in a big city usually have too much on their hands to go look for stolen cars and stolen stuff. Most of the time, they just ask you to file a police report down at the police station, so you can get compensation from insurance company.


I know how you feel about feeling "violated". When I got my car broken into, I was going thorough a tough time in my life, had just moved out to CA. I felt really "violated" and was always constantly checking to see if my car was locked, etc.

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uggg! are you sure that your insurance doesn't cover theft? did you read the fine print in your policy? yeah, so many policies are really crappy. It's like all those homeowners in the south, when Katrina hit, they had homeowner's insurance, but didn't know they also needed "flood insurance". very unfair, hidden in all that type 6 font.

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