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  1. i was very shy in my middle school years and slightly in highschool..i didnt have many if any friends until my latter years in highschool. I seem to be getting out of the shyness a bit now but it still shows...doesnt really help me with the whole being single situation
  2. its funny because i agree with you completely...i always find that if a girl is too "sexual" i look at her differently and i dont even put her into my category of "dateables"..
  3. as a guy i would love if girls approached me sometimes lol
  4. yea i think i can consider myself a jealous person i get jealous pretty easily when i see random guys with girls I like or guys with my friends that are girls that i have a thing for but dont like me in that way..
  5. Im wondering, what would you do if you were given 1 hr to do anything you want. Would you spend it with someone you love or go out and have fun. Personally i would use that 1 hr to see a girl i have deep feelings for that i am unable to see. I would spend it by just cuddleing up with her on the couch and just enjoying her company.
  6. take up an aviation major lol, its fun
  7. that sucks, you sound like someone who doesnt deserve that
  8. oh no i kno shes good lookin, we play with the web cams on uno, so u get 2 see the other person while u play..quite fun, more of a talk talk talk game than actually uno
  9. idk i did meet one good looking girl in a game of uno over xbox live...we still talk and shes pretty awesome
  10. you should just tell her that you dont like it at all. Also tell her that you will take care of the money situation for her for now..suggest to her that she should get a job, doesnt have to work alot of hrs. I mean if she goes to her ex's house and stays overnight...i would assume she is sleeping with him. Don't waste your time, set the girl straight and tell her u dont her goin to her ex's everynite or w/e
  11. yea im a shy kid and that seems to be my problem too, i look for the perfect girl. Idk its just something i have to get over
  12. i would really love to answer this but ive never had a girl friend so i dont know what qualites i really like or dislike
  13. yea rite..if we each have liek 400$ than yea sure we can and seriously now my stomach hurts but not like pain hurt and i have like a headache..and i want to talk to someone but there is no one around...idk asdk i actually talked 2 her tonight about a bunch of stuff, i told her i was like super depressed and how i like this girl i will never be able to date. Lol i don't think she even thought about that part.
  14. If any of you have read my previous posts then im talking about the same girl in all of them. Anyways im falling for this girl i met that lives 1000 miles away from me and i think its going to give me a lot of pain in the end. I dont know what to do about the situation, i dont even know if she even feels slightly the same way as i feel towards her. I just cant stop thinking about her, whenever i get the chance to just sit and relax i start to think about her. Ive called her a few times and ive enjoyed it so much i wish it could just last forever. Only one of my friends gives me positive support on this, also a fellow ENA person also gives me support. I just dont know what to do..i feel so lost and confused. Should i continue to talk to her the way i do now and risk falling for her even more, or should i just force myself to stop while i still can
  15. wait so a u like a girl at a wal-mart? easy way to talk to her would be to just ask her a question about something. Or my personal favorite "which in your opinion would you prefer?" i find talking to girls in stores is the easiest because you have a legit reason to talk to her, start by saying like "hi can you help me with something" and then maybe say something on the side, or make a joke. I get the butterflies too a lot, esp. around girls I like, but this is a good way to meet people
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