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Why do you women do that?

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Out of curiosity, why do women seem to do that a lot? What I mean is, you tell them they are attractive, they seem to flirt with you and seem to dig you, but if you talk to them either in person, email them, or anything, they just seem to ignore you.


What is the point of flirting or seeming to show interest in the first place if you are just going to ignore them lol? It just makes no sense to me.


NEW: If a girl already has a boyfriend, but still really likes you, would she probably still ignore you, because she knows she would probably cheat with you?

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WOW~ now that is a huge steaming load of generalized crap.


There are a hundred possible reasons that she didn't respond.

1) SHe's not that into you..

2) She realized that you were a chauvanist and fled..

3) You went overboard on the compliments and now she dosen't know what to do.

4) She might be a little bad at taking compliments.



Just go easy on the generalizations... It dosen't make men happy when we lump them all into one category, so just return the favor, eh?

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I think that most girls will feel flattered when they are told they are attractive. They will smile, etc. That does not mean they intend to flirt. And if they don't that explains why in person they are more cautious. Shyness might also explain it. I know when I liked a guy in the past, I'd be much more uncomfortable when it was just the two of us then when we'd be surrounded by others as well.



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You don't have to be a chauvanist to complement a woman...


But I've done this to girls as well without realizing it. It's subconscious sometimes. Plus there's no mystery and no challenge. It's boring when something is laid out to you at your feet.


And lastly, I remember in my Gender and Sexuality class my prof told us a story of a european woman chatting with the local guys. She was clearly married but she was flirting with the guys there and had them wrapped around her finger. My prof went up and asked her what she was doing and she replied "I love playing catch and release." Flirting can be fun, it can be a game, it can be an ego booster. It might not be anything more than that, especially since us North American men are absolutely retarded when it comes to flirting and body language in comparison to others.

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