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need advice about a girl


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There is this girl that i have known for a few years. She had a crush on me in the past, and I never acted on it. We have been good friends for a long time, and a few months ago we were at a club and hooked up, I ended up going back to her place. We hooked up a few more times, but then I havent recently. Now , I feel like i get the cold shoulder from her, and its killing me. I am realizing that I like her and that I want to ask her out, but im so confused my the mix of emotions. Need advice on what to do.

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Perhaps you do need to talk to her and perhaps think about all the different things you want to say before hand. Make sure you're calm and your timing is right. Could you tell her to come out with you and meet you somewhere and then tell her?

If you have to go to too much effort though, it might not be worth it. She might not be worth it.

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