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  1. In case you're still interested, contrary to what some people have said here, there is no reason for you to act as s***** towards her as she may have done to you.
  2. Aurian couldn't be any more spot on with this. The more you hear the negative thoughts and challenge them, the more you will overcome your mind. Wow- I feel like I'm in some kind of sci fi convention or something with this whole subject and everyone's futuristic names; Aurian, Cyberchick, Hope75, Caro33 (with galaxy as avatar)! But on a serious note; don't let your mind and compulsive negative self talk take you over, even when you're in the pits.
  3. Either you're saying you feel bad and you know you cheated on him because he's too good for you; or you only know you cheated on him because he's so good. In that light, what does it matter if- when you couldn't resist cheating on good guy A, there can't be many levels to you at moment anyway can there? At least you know you were wrong, all you can do now is try and become a deeper person and maybe apologize to this A grade guy.
  4. If he's that disrespectful and all then he must be a real arsehole. No need to explain, give him the cold sholder.
  5. If the very sight of him turns you on; When you're with him and he doesn't suspect it, grab him round the waist and make out with him and/or go down on him taking his out and putting it in your mouth while forcefully feeling him up whatever you do. Or put your hands up his shirt or down his trowsers and take off his clothes then throw him on the bed and climb ontop of him ect. You can't get much more assertive than that.
  6. Perhaps you do need to talk to her and perhaps think about all the different things you want to say before hand. Make sure you're calm and your timing is right. Could you tell her to come out with you and meet you somewhere and then tell her? If you have to go to too much effort though, it might not be worth it. She might not be worth it.
  7. I hate to be sceptical here but you sound very young. Now you say you "love" this girl and you've placed this post in suicide because that's how "torn up" you think you feel. But this whole situation and the thoughts and feelings you're having about it will pass unless you choose to hang on to them. So the best advice I can give you is to forget about it, stay friends with her if you want but don't beat yourself up if you can't take being with her anymore. I went through the whole romantic desire thing with a couple of girls once but there's not much point unless you become stronger by the end of it.
  8. It's not a bad thing to reflect on thoughts, ideas or incidents as long as you don't get taken away by them. Carried away I mean. If you find the past is interferring with your experience of the present then there is a definite problem as appears to be the case with you. But at least you know that it's a problem. That's the first step in getting rid of it or anything.
  9. I'm not really an advocate of escapism but it's better than the escapism of negative thoughts and day-dreaming on suicide. As far as confronting reality is concerned: Are you in an awkward situation with this girl? If whatever it is with her has messed you up from yourself and your circle of friends then perhaps you should think of a way of apologising. Make sure you get her to one side by yourself and tell her how sorry you are and all that.
  10. Why are you afraid of life? If you stop taking things (particularly your thoughts) so seriously then you can lighten up, take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the surprise of life. I wish I'd finished school now but that's just because I've got tons of work ontop of me. I know it'll be over in a couple of months so I'm just doing my best right now. It's exciting. Look forward to the new aqaintences (sp), however brief or long, however many or few, however enjoyable or undisirable they may be. Nothing stays forever, let alone whoever you meet or whatever you do. Honestly, though, I know it's easy to fall into fear. Whenever you do, remember that time is temporary and this experience fleeting. And for God's sake forget about this girl whoever she is. You're just tormenting yourself with this sad story of yours. You're not the first person to lament over an object of desire that you think can help you or make you feel better or both. You're not the last either, but the whole emotion thing is a waste of time.
  11. You really have a way with words. I hear what you're saying but you've got to realise that you still have a life even if this girl leaves. The point is none of it matters. It doesn't make a difference whether you stay friends with this girl or not. The more you dramatize the situation, as you have done in this post, the more unhappiness you will create thinking and acting it out. If you like the girl, just casually ask her for her e-mail address. You don't have to mention that you want to keep in touch or "confess" to her that she's your friend. That's a given. And you don't have to wait until the last minute to tell her that you love her (if at all). Don't worry about it. She'll move on and so will you. In a couple of years, maybe months or whatever, you might ask her to meet up with you at some point. Even if you never hear from her again, it's your choice if you want to torment yourself with this self depression ****.
  12. Is there anything you're interested in doing that you haven't tried before? I can't think of any other examples right now but maybe martial arts? I started going to this club recently and it's amazing! Not only do you get an intensely satisfying physical workout but it's revitalizing for your spirit and mind so you feel great afterwards. You sound like a fairly disciplined guy from what you were saying before so hopefully you shouldn't have a problem fitting a few hours group exercise a week into your schedule. And like these other posters are saying, once you've been a couple of times you'll become better known. I've only been going a month and I'm hooked. Also everyone knows me since I'm a regular now and I have actually made a couple of friends. Unlike me though, you'd really look the part! just kidding. no offence.
  13. And I'm actually English by the way, so not all Europeans are comfortable huggers. In fact, no offence to anyone, many can be quite cold and if they go through the motion of giving you a hug, with smiles and words, that doesn't mean there's any real feeling involved. It's just become another form of handshake. The best hug is the one you're talking about, where you want to, as opposed to a mere formality.
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