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how do you get motivated to work?

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Lately I have just been feeling too lazy and unmotivated to find a 2nd job. I have a current job that I work at school, and it is part-time and it is per semester so during breaks I don't really work (only on certain occasions).


I desperately do need money to pay for expenses when I transfer to another college this fall. I also want some money to spend on certain things I want, but the most important thing is saving money for college.


But then comes all the thoughts about actually working. The long shifts, the time taken out of my day, the boredom that could result, the people that I may or may not get along well with, etc. I am a person that worries a lot and it's really holding me back from even simply getting an application LOL. I know friends that work, and have no clue how they are dealing with long hours and stuff, but they are getting paid!


I just don't have the desire to work, but I really need to.


Does anyone have any good words of wisdom or advice that can help me get up off my computer and start working?

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I love working, feeling useful and enjoying comraderie while making a buck.

I'm looking for work, but have two part-time jobs that occurred when I was laid off. This morning I had fun joking with two ladies at a temp agency while I completed tedious forms. It's better than sitting at home feeling blue.


Maybe it's just searching that gets you down. Once you land a job, it's a place to hang out, joke around and add to future resumes. Oh, and you learn some skills while doing just enough work to keep from getting fired.


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Maybe it's just searching that gets you down. Once you land a job, it's a place to hang out, joke around and add to future resumes. Oh, and you learn some skills while doing just enough work to keep from getting fired.



Before I had my current job I was unemployed for three weeks and I was really down from searching and what I dealt with from staffing agencies.


The catch is now that I am employed I work with unfriendly people. Hopefully I'll come out ahead one day soon.


atraceofblood, what interests you? The reason I ask is that if you like video games, you could go work at GameStop, if you like electronics, you can go work at BestBuy, if you like to work out, you could work at the gym.


My suggestion is to find a job working with people of that share your interests to fend of the boredom & frustration, while making money at the same time.

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Sometimes it's because I like my 2 jobs. I like my job activities and most of my coworkers. There's also lots of nice women at work. It helps to like what you do and who you work with. Unfortuneately, I don't like all my job duties, nor all my coworkers. Then I have to do my job because I like money and because I have enough character to take the bad with the good.


Job searching on the other hand, just plain sucks. However, you can let the above type reasons help motivate you, plus the knowledge that you have bills to pay. You have no choice. So just do it.


I've personally found all my jobs in my life either by personal contacts or by walking into the place and asking what openings they have, may I apply, etc. The local government employment agency has never found me a job. They're useless government teets on a government boar, IMO. I think private employment agencies are very effective, especially if you have specialized skills. However, I've not used one.

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You need to find a job you're interested in and enjoy. There's no point being in a job you hate because work is a huge part of life. I was in a job I hated for a year and towards the end I just couldn't be bothered....now, I'm in a job I love. I love the actual work, I love the people I meet, the people I work with....I don't even mind getting a late meal break or an over run.


Really think about what you're interested in and then look for something in that area.


Although, having said that, when I was at university I worked in a supermarket, a clothes shop and a nightclub......didn't really enjoy the job but it was a means to an end.....I just looked at it as a way of getting myself to where I wanted to be and told myself that it wasn't forever.

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I'm only looking for a part-time job, maybe 10-15 hours per week at a minimum of $8.00/hr. (min wage is $7.50/hr here).


I already have a job at school, but it's usually active during the semester, so during breaks and holidays, I don't work. I really love the job I work at, and enjoy the people.


One problem is the job I currently work at has spoiled the way I see work. So when I look at other jobs, I feel this boredom inside me that tells me that place isn't worth working. I need to get over this feeling.


I like music, but the music shops here are sales, and I don't want to deal with sales. I wouldn't mind working at a place like best buy, but it's 45 min away and they use that test by UNICRU, that I think is silly. I also like computers, but there aren't any computer stores here that I'd enjoy working at.


One thing I really enjoy A LOT is working with people, and a lot of people. I like places that are constantly busy with people always coming in and out. My current job is almost like that.


any suggestions for busy part-time jobs where lots of customers come in?

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For me it boils down to my goals and aspirations:




I want to keep my clients happy, my manager to not say anything to me other than positives, and performance appraisal/promotion. Also, continue to learn so I can achieve my long-term goal.




I want to have my own business - I want to work for myself. All of my short term steps will lead to my long-term goal. I also would like to teach when I'm older and would like to have a very comfortable life for me and my family one day.


My dad:


This is my most important personal motivation. My dad came to America in 1975 with a $20.00 bill, 1 suitcase, and did not know English whatsoever. He also didn't know anyone and nobody was picking him up from the airport. He struggled early on, but was persistent. He made contacts, then friends, and worked very hard to where he lives a comfortable life and is happily married with kids. I feel like an absolute turd whenever I get lazy and I think of all that he's done for me. The drive starts back up then.

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how do you avoid sitting around and being lazy?


HA! Good question! We'll, we all get lazy at times, and I believe it's healthy. It becomes an issue when you are lazy to the core and completely unmotivated.


In the past, this is how it would work for me:


1. I conquer my goals

2. I now get complacent

3. I have the easy life

4. I get bored

5. Now I get lazy

6. I bask in my sloth

7. I continue to bask in my sloth

8. Life has a way of throwing obstacles in my way

9. Things aren't exactly as easy anymore

10. Parents, friends, S/O is complaining to me about me

11. Damn, I have to apply effort and work again because I'm sick of hearing this


Now repeat.


What I have learned about myself is to continue to stay challenged and set up goals for myself. This isn't just with work or school, but work and school is a good place to start. I would start each semester with a goal of straight A's. Some courses required more effort, so I strived to meet those goals, and did it in the end.


With work, it's having the right attitude and not thinking, "This is mundane" or "This task/job sucks." It's looking at the big picture. Sometimes those admin. tasks, or boring chores, should be left to someone else. But who am I? I've learned to accept the fact that it is part of my job responsibities, and they need to be taken care of. When I go into work, I want to place 100% into everything I did because:


(A) Sense of accomplishment

(B) Knowing I did a great job on it

© Not hearing anything from others other than "Great job" and people do take notice


If necessary, make a list, and just work your way down that list.


Outside of work and school, it's all about keeping busy with hobbies or interests, and setting goals up. For example, I work out quite a bit. I'm a pretty avid runner and swimmer, so when I hit the treadmill I set up distance and time goals for myself. When I'm in the pool I focus on # of laps as well as time. If I don't meet those goals, then I need to (A) work harder, or (B) devise mini-goals to reach the goal I originally set. Usually it's a combination of both. Of course I can sit there and think "Man, this sucks" but that won't get me anywhere. I can quit, but then I have given up and ultimately failed. My mind played a trick on me thinking "This isn't worth the effort" and I have convinced myself to walk away. Negative thoughts don't lead to success with my goals, and don't make me a better person.


If working out isn't your thing, then try reading, a sport, some sort of class like dance or art, etc. Pick something you want to master and go for it. I'm sure there is something which you'd like to do or master, but don't really know how. Learn it. Eh, feeling lazy? Look at the big picture. What is doing X, Y, and Z going to do for YOU one day? Goals aren't reached in a matter of days. Little goals can be, but set them up as part of a large overall goal.


It's hard to say what will drive your motivation. It's different for everyone. When I was in school, I started to get good grades to prove my parents that I can. I'll show them! In time, I started to do it for myself. When I quit smoking years ago, it was to prove to my then-boss that I can do, because he never thought I could. In time, I wanted to stay smoke free for myself. For me it was others that motivated me many of times. I wanted to (A) prove them wrong, or (B) get them off of my back. In time I discovered that all this time they were jabbing at me to benefit ME. I was to dense to understand that they knew what was best.

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