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I have felt like something was wrong with me for so long, then I decided to stop. So now I have accepted that I am finally good enough. That in fact I am fine. I am not doing any addictive behaviors. I am currently single, meeting new people, not rushing into anything. Depression is managed, still looking for work and/or the career I really want. AND I'M SO BORED. There's no drama in being fine. I could pick a fight with my mom but she was so nice to me over the holidays , I want to encourage the niceness. I could call my ex, he's always good for some drama but it's so draining.

I'm fine and NOT WHAT?

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Do something spontaneous once in a while. Unplanned, unanticipated. Just go with your instinct for a short period. Take a walk alone under the moonlight, start to dance or move around erratically, draw on the walls, sit under a bridge and ponder your surroundings... lose yourself in the wonder of the world in which we exist.

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Yes, yes, find something interesting that has a light sense of excitement - a hobby, a short road trip out of the blue. Something that is rewarding for you.


Funny how drama almost becomes addicting. When you become used to having it, it takes some adjusting to get used to not having it.

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