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theres this girl at my school and she is everything i could ever want, the 2 of us click so well and were so alike in personality, i ve told her many times how i feel about her and the more i see her i fall in love with her, im scared if i keep seeing her i will scare her by constantly telling her how much she means to me and she wont want to be my friend. but its hard for me not to think about her. i see her everyday no matter what and she comes up and talk. its really hard to ignore her. i dont know what to do. should i tell her whats really going and see if she understands or should i get on her bad side so the both of us will no longer be friends and i wont have the heart ache anymore?

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One stop telling her how you feel about her. Think about how you can make her feel. You having feeling for her is supposed to do what? Change how she feels? Why? Thinking my feelings should change your feelings is like thinking that because I like brussel sprouts and hate tomatoes that you should do the same.


With regard to her feelings, just show her appreciation, mainly listen to her. However, you should also have a switch that turns on and off, when sometimes she does not get your attention. If she wants your attention, make her wait only a bit, not too long. Too long creates too much tension.


And be aloof from her, don't seek her attention, don't let your feelings seem to be affected by what you do. Go pick out an old James Bond movie, when he gets the girl, act that way, a bit when she shows up.


And finally, learn some body langauge. Learn what hers tells you, and learn what yours says to her.


When you think she wants you absed on body langauge, you need to bust a move. Do it. And if you want to know more, go here: link removed, and begin reading the links.


the skills a player would use to get a woman, work. Just don't use her once you get her and you won't be playing her.

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Beec is right on:

1) Stop telling her you like her

2) Don't seek attention



3) Don't listen to her

4) Tease the girl

5) Be cocky and funny ( ex. make fun of the way she dress in a funny way)

6) Push her away a little

7) Act interested in other girls



Girls like bad guys. People that do drugs or go to prison or have lots of money. They like power. They NOTICE these things. Just...once you get her stop being bad or the relationship will go down hill.


Im 5'5" Asian and my ex is this tall 5'10" italian white chick. Trust me it works.


Edit*: Also, girls like guys that can dance or play a guitar. (Learn Crypt Walking, it's very easy.)

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Well definitely don't get on her bad side. If you truly love the girl, she should be yours. If you don't already hang out outside of school, ask her to. If you do, maybe take her out alone sometime and do something fun and romantic. You can't just give up if she doesn't understand you right away. Let her get to know you better. But definitely don't give up. You have to push, just don't push too hard, you know what I mean?

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Well i totally disagree with puff.tm.dragon. Sure girls like bad guys but most girls don't go foe cocky guys. I hate them and think theyre total jerks (then again i aint an average gal lol)... Bad guys yes are attractive. But they have to be good enough to care about you and other people as well... Never mind trying to be someone you're not. Be yourself. If the girl don't like you for you then she aint gonna like you trying to be someone else for you.. Seriously never change yourself. I learnt that the hard way!

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