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  1. your life sounds wonderful. I go out 3 times a week too but that's because I have to take out the trash.
  2. lol asian men and black women, that's hilarious im dooomed
  3. I blame TV. When asian men are on they are usually a joke or a spoof of something. Growing up in the USA you see hot white and muscular black guys on tv and you beging to believe it to be true. But it's ok though, if you notice more and more asian women are getting on shows and movies and they're smokin hot. One day hopefully we won't be the joke of hollywood.
  4. Well I wanted them to stop yelling at me so I started insulting myself. I told them I was worthless and stupid and a piece of crap. And that they should yell at me more. Guess what they said! "What's the point of yelling at you, it won't bring the stuff back!" I was giggling inside but then I said "so then stop yelling at me." Then they started yelling at me more. Damn reverse psychology stuff.
  5. So I asked my dad if I could clean the garage last year and he said yes. He specifically said "throw away anything we don't use." So this year, overcome with bordem and a sense of tidiness I decided to clean it. I threw out random chairs, broken items, and books from 1991+. Today they yelled at me! They were furious that I threw away all the old crap in the garage. I asked if they were looking for specific things? If they even remember anything in the garage that they wanted--they couldn't give me an answer and yelled at me more. They then yelled at me for things that weren't even missing either! What is wrong with old people?!
  6. sometimes being cheesy can make the girl laugh and that can be a good thing.
  7. my real problem is that i work there and if it may get uncomfortable if she says no and continues to shop here.
  8. I've been living by myself for 2 years now. It really helps when you don't have your parents breathing down your neck. Have fun at the new place! but i still go to their place for food and stuff.
  9. There's this girl that comes into my work (restuarant) that I have a huge crush on for some reason. The more I think about her the more I like her. The problem is she never flirts with me...she never ever smiles either. Should I ask her out right away or try to guage her attraction level? I mean com'on, if you think someone's cute you try to be flirty or at least smile or something right? I get nothing from her. Nada, zilch, zip! But I can't stop thinking about her. even if you don't find someone attractive you should still smile or be nice right? I mean if you frequent a place, you should at least be friendly to the waiters. This is what she does every time she comes in. She comes in, turns her head gives me 1 look, order something at the register (im not at the register) sits down, listens to her Ipod, and always try to ignore me until i walk by her...god im in love
  10. He's probably just down / depressed and looking for comfort. You should stay away.
  11. Fashion is mostly about shoes! Maybe that's your problem KEVEN
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